Your Character Can Be Determined by Your Sitting Position

Many experts in body language say that our sitting position can say a lot about the personality we have. You think this is surely not for real, but it is, and how you sit says a lot about you.

According to the images, if you are in position 1:

People that do this with their legs have some trouble expressing themselves. They ignore their problems and do the “head in sand” shortcut until it all disappears as a problem. For them, this is ok in some situations. But most of the time, in life, they need a more constructive or detailed approach.

If you are in position 2:

You have amazing creativity and daydreaming skills too, your imagination is always alive and you tend to fantasize. At every social event, you are the fun and soul in it, and all people enjoy your presence. Your curiosity makes you see new things in everything you face, and you can make your time spent very wisely fun. You love to meet new people all the time, travel, and befriend people along the way. There is no fear when it comes to exploring the world.

If you are in position 3:

These types of people dislike getting out of their comfort zone. They want things to go their own way and plan, and only follow their own comfort. They can be badly organizing things or very chaotic at times, but they like their own mess. Also, they want to shop for themselves, and getting clothes for them will not result in success.

If you are in position 4:

You are very punctual and almost never late, but you expect the same of others too. Your intelligence is very high, and you value punctuality in others, but also you dislike any sort of fight with people – and this fact is not so transparent with you. Stability is key for you, and you dislike showing too many emotions to the world.

If you are in position 5:

This position means great carefulness and caution for all things in life. You want to explore and balance out all options before you choose. Also, your ambitions are worthy and you always focus on your goals. A lot of effort goes into your dressing, appearance, and standards.

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