How To Get Clean Clothes Without Spending Hours In The Laundry Room

Have you known that combining the clothes based on fabrics and materials is the proper washing way method and you cannot mysteriously lose the socks in the laundry machine?

Yes, doing laundry is not the most interesting thing to do around the house and there is no way to avoid this task. As stats say, on average, a woman will spend around 17 minutes of her daily time doing the activities related to laundry.

Tips to make this task easier:

  • Clean the washing machine on a regular basis
  • Disinfect the machine as well to prolong its lifespan
  • Purchase specialized tools for removing unwanted substances or remove bad scents inside

For the socks, use a special canvas bag

So, when you wash the socks, weirdly there is always one disappearing. To prevent this, just put all your socks of yours in one such bag, and practice this for each member of the family.

Avoid clothes drying

It is not very simple to just iron out the humidity of clothes, even more, tedious is to dry out not fully dry clothes with the help of an iron. The material fibers will distort and not receive the full thermal effect. The iron steam is not always some magic in this sense.

Do not use white powder, and opt for bleach

The housewives that know their way around a household know to avoid the powder for white fabrics because this hinders the bleaching process. This will seep into the fabrics and do a lousy bleach job.

Stop arranging by color, and arrange by fabric type

One exception you can make here is that whites are a separate laundry as opposed to the rest of colors – for obvious reasons. Careful also when you mix more colors, and when you do this, do not choose a temperature higher than 30 degrees too. Why? Because the heavy fabrics require different treating than let’s say cotton.

First, use remove shaving foam for makeup stains

If some clothes have such stains and marks, use shaving foam or even some dabbing of lipstick – these tricks will prevent a stain from further penetrating and getting fixated into the material.

Coldwater is perfect for washing socks

If you wash socks with warm or hot water, the dirty things in them (all somehow protein sources like sweat let’s say) will be locked in the socks due to the hot temperatures. Even though it is popular to think hot water does them good, lower temperature works wonders in this case.

Stubborn stains are removed with a hairdryer, and pretty well too!

Some stains are really hard to remove, such as juice, grass, soil, but with a hairdryer and a bit of detergent on the stain, it is working wonders. And due to the heat, the detergent will seep into the stain.

Wrap wet clothes in dry towels to speed up drying

Just get dry clean towels and place them into rows between the wet washed clothes, this is especially good if you need to urgent dry some clothes. Not just this, but also wrap the clothes into dry towels, and pop them into the machine, only for twisting them and removing excess moisture.

Extra tricks:

How to avoid wrinkling of clothes?

When you use the clothes dryer, just put a few ice cubes inside, and choose a medium program for 15 minutes, not more. Melting ice will turn into steam and this will prevent foldings to happen.

Use salt for fading color

When you use the machine next time, put 150 g salt inside, and use the machine as usual. This will ensure the prevention of color loss of the fabrics. It is safe, it can be done every time you use the machine – but careful not to use coarse salt. Also, for the overall look, salt will prevent stains from fixating into the fabric, mostly stains like blood, sweat, or mucus. By the way, blood is removed with a solution of hydrogen (clear), and pen stains can be cleaned with milk you already have at home.

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