Sometimes Silence Is The Best Answer, Because Not Everyone Is Worthy Of Your Reactions

Sometimes staying silent is the best route to take

There were days in my life when I was very stressed and unhappy that made me get angry at the people I love. Those people saw right through that it was nothing personal and that I was only hurting inside. It was of no worth getting argumentative with me, so they chose to respond thoughtfully or, to simply stay silent. Only one humble, compassionate glance in their eyes, and everything was understood. No unnecessary, meaningless words were ever needed to be said. Later, when I cooled down, I regretted my behavior but also learned one valuable lesson. The power of staying composed and silent instead of reacting quickly when somebody is treating you unfairly.

Some people will provoke you to get into arguments with them – let it slide

There will be times when people will treat you unfairly, they will insult you, or they will point the finger at you. Some people will intentionally try to aggravate you with their behavior. They will say things that will push your buttons. Some people will try to hurt you by bringing up your failures or your past.

Or sometimes, you might feel the urge to get things right with people with different belief systems than yours. But, is it really worth it to lose precious time and energy in pointless clashes? Do you really need to defend or validate yourself in front of anybody? If you choose to engage in their dramas, the result will certainly be a bad feeling, at least on your side. It does not mean that you are passive or submissive by staying silent, but that keeping your peace is more important than any petty arguments.

Reacting quickly to something someone has said or done to you is not necessarily the best thing to do

Recognize and evaluate the situation that is being presented to you. Although sometimes it will do you well if you simply walk away, there will be times when you must discuss issues. However, doing it at the time when the escalation happens may not be the most beneficial thing to do.

If you are dealing with a highly emotional situation, you might consider not throwing gasoline on the fire and causing a bigger incident. Sometimes it is best to take some time to reflect before considering any verbal response.

If you can gain control of your reactions, it will take you further ahead in life

Some people simply know what triggers you, and they will intentionally make you react and lose your head. If they succeed in pulling you in their drama and you start justifying yourself, it simply means that they are in control of you. And although you don’t have control over other people’s actions, you do have control over yourself. You can decide to stay silent and not to react at that person who purposely tries to elicit a verbal argument.

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