5 Good Reminders of Why You Need Peanut Butter in Your Diet

Peanut butter is a delicious creamy paste that is made from unsalted, dried, and roasted peanuts, with no additions, just like the original base. It is amazing to consume it in any shape and form, and it is versatile for many dessert recipes too. You can say this belongs in the foods that are abundant in carbs, proteins, fat acids (monosaturated), but also vitamin-rich foods that have a lot of niacin, folic acid, pyridoxine, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, E and C vitamins, also vitamin A, as well as minerals like magnesium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, selenium, zinc, and iron too. A healthy diet is a bit incomplete without peanut butter, and if you consume it in moderation, you will see improved health no doubt. From peanut butter, you will receive a lot of B3 niacin, and vitamin E too, along with some minerals and protein. Do not worry about your heart health, because the fats of peanut butter are unsaturated and healthy for the cardiovascular system.

Experts even claim that this butter type is amazing for you since many types of research and studies proved that people with healthy hearts have consumed or still consume nuts and peanuts and especially peanut butter. The experts researching this also proved that people consuming such nutty products in moderate amounts reduces the risk of heart problems, and consuming peanut butter is more than just peanut fats.

The majority of peanut butter products and brands sadly have some additions in them, like salt, sugar, or hydrogenated type of oils for more aroma. But, the organic and natural kinds of butter also have hidden sugars and oils to achieve the smooth texture as we know it. So, even by consuming healthy kinds of butter and eating organic peanuts, it is still not a guarantee that you are eating healthy all the way. Whenever we purchase peanut butter, we have to look for the one which says 100% peanuts, and nothing else.

Peanut butter benefits:

Less risk of early death

As a study in 2015 said, consuming peanuts, nuts and similar, on a daily basis will prolong the lifespan. Suh organic nutty nutrients have polyunsaturated fats and mono fats too that give your organism a lot of antioxidants and the much-needed potassium, so all of this keeps the blood pressure and heart health in top shape. Also, with this, you ingest a lot of fiber too which is basically phytosterol (mimicking cholesterol and reducing high blood pressure).

Better nerve and muscle health

Peanut butter is rich in magnesium which is a mineral that is crucial for over 300 biochemical processes in our organisms. So, 12% of the daily recommended allowance of this mineral can be found in 2 tablespoons of this butter or one serving. This type of butter can detox your body, regulate the temperature, give you energy, keep your teeth and bones strong, and keep the nervous system healthy too.

More energy

The healthy fats, fibers, and protein of the peanut butter will give you enough energy throughout the day by also leveling equally the blood sugar that is often the cause of hunger or dizziness.

Soothing and calming effect

Did you know that stress can be reduced by eating peanut butter? This butter has beta-sitosterol that will prevent spikes of the stress hormone cortisol and boost the whole immune system too.

Pausing weight-gain genes

The secret weapon in peanut butter is called genistein- and this ingredient is the one direct link affecting the genes for weight gaining. Basically, this reduces the weight gain gene work and helps the body deal well with storing of fat (this same ingredient is found in lentils and beans too).

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