Stop Trying To Express Yourself And Telling People Everything

Have you ever tried to explain yourself, but you did not manage to express your thoughts? If yes, you are not the only one.  We often feel the need to explain our decisions and opinions to people who do not care about us. But why do we do it? Have we been raised in this way? Why cannot we just live our lives without explaining what we think or do? We are not doing anything illegal if it does not hurt anyone.  

Our life is our own business. Here is a list of things that we do not need to explain ourselves about.  

1. Political or religious views 

It is not other people’s business who we support in politics or what we believe. Everybody has their own view of the world and we have the right to think what we want. If people pressure you into explaining yourself, you should stay away from them.

2. Being single 

People stick their noses in other people’s lives without the permission to do so. However, you should not feel pressured by society for being alone. You should not explain yourself about being single. It is your choice whether you have a partner or not.  

3. Living situation 

Living alone with your partner or parents shouldn’t be anyone’s business. You do not have to explain yourself for the choices you make.  

4. No children 

Many young couples do not want children and that is their choice. They do not need to explain themselves about it.  

5. Life priorities 

Some people want a successful career before they have a child, whereas others prefer it the other way round. Your priorities are your choices. You do not have to explain yourself about your priorities.   

As one quote says: ‘You stop trying to explain your choices when you realize that other people only understand from their points of perception’.

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