This Line on Your Palm Has a Meaning – Check it Out!

Did you know that your hands can show your destiny? Take a look at them and see whether you have a small curved line that begins from the middle of your palms. It can be composed of one big line or two small ones that form a circle. Commonly known as the love belt, this circle of Venus shows that you are likely to suffer from love issues in life, especially if it is a closed circle.

So, rejoice if you don’t have this line on your palms. People who have it, usually deal with disappointment in love. But, if you do have it, look at it from the positive side. You will learn a lot from love disappointments and you will grow as a person. Hardships don’t come by coincidence. They are here to teach us some valuable lessons.

Throughout centuries, a lot of palm readers tried to explain what this line means, and most of them haven’t found true meaning.

If your line is not complete but forms a semi-circle, that means that most probably you will experience love difficulties, but you will overcome them and move on with life. If the semi-circle consists of small half circle lines, and if they are parallel, it shows that you are a person who is very emotional.

What does this line say about your personality?

There are four ways in which the line can spread on your palm. All of them have different meanings.

Starting in the middle of the middle finger

If your line begins from the mid of your middle finger, then you are an ambitious person. You have great analytical skills, therefore it is pretty easy for you to bring good decisions and make the right judgments. Your excellent qualities make you seem materialistic and even selfish sometimes, but you only want to create a better future for yourself, and others too.

Starting between the index and the middle finger

If the line on your palm starts in this place, you are a very considerate and warm person that tends to open and give your heart easily. Your heart is something that you should keep the most, so don’t give it out so freely. It is your responsibility to take care of it.

Starting in the middle of the index finger

If your line starts in the mid of your index finger, this means that you are a person that is satisfied with your own life, regardless you are with someone or not.

Starting between the index and the thumb

If this line begins between your thumb and your index finger, it means you are a very caring and passionate person with a warm heart.

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