Incredible Life Hack: If You Are Not At Home, Here Is How To Make Your Home More Secure With A Fork Lock

When we travel, we are often concerned about our house’s safety and the belongings that we have there. Home security systems are generally very expensive and people do not opt for them.  

However, there are some life tricks that can help you secure your house better. What you will need is a fork.  

How to prepare a locking fork  

In this article, we will show you how to prepare a fork door lock. What you need to know is that the prongs of the dinner fork have to be about 1 ¾ inch or 2 inches long. Moreover, it would be better if the handle of the fork goes from narrow to wide.

Then, place the dinner fork into the latch hole and make a line down the prongs of the fork with a permanent marker. It will show you how deep the hole is. After that, place the dinner fork inside the hole, where the line was drawn. Bend the prongs of the fork at a 90-degree angle with a hammer. Finally, cut off the handle of the fork and place it between the slots of the prongs.

If it does not fit perfectly, file the edges of the handle with a file or a grinder. Put the prongs into the latch hole and close the door. Place the handle of the fork between the prongs, just in the middle of the fork. The door is locked. 

This life trick is super easy, and it will come in handy when you need additional security in some situations. Take a look at the pictures below and learn how to do this awesome life hack yourself.

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