Can You Spot The Odd Number Out In Less Than Five Seconds?

In the history of evolution, the human brain is thought to be the most complex structure. It has developed to help people understand the complexity of the world. However, the brain can also make assumptions about how the world should be rather than how it actually is, causing us to perceive things incorrectly.

Optical illusions can trick our mind and deceive us for numerous reasons. Illusions can use patterns, light, color in order to create images that can be misleading or deceptive to our brains. They can change our reality. Optical illusions help us understand the complexity of the visual system. Our eyes help us to observe the world, but they can be also deceived.

The information collected by the eyes is processed by our brain, creating a perception that does not correspond to the true image in reality. Illusions often work as a result of shortcomings in the normal anatomy of the eyes. The visual mechanism can be deceived by proportion changes, contrast of colors or different types of tiny details.

Optical illusions have been used for training both the eyes and the brain. The word `illusion` means `delusion, mistake` in Latin. Optical illusions represent an impression of a phenomenon or object that does not match up with the reality. Some optical illusions can be easily understood, whereas others are complex and require more concentration.

We can perceive the optical illusions from different aspects. First, we can perceive an optical illusion from a physiological aspect as a result of the effects of the movement, brightness or color. Second, optical illusions can be also perceived from a cognitive aspect as a result of the way we understand reality.

We get confused when the eyes cannot see the images which are displayed in different ways, and the brain can assimilate one image at a time. The eyes and the brain have a different perception of the image. The image contains some tricks that prevent the eyes to properly see the image, whereas the brain causes the person to see a twisted image.

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