Patience is The Most Important Virtue That We Need to Have!

Everything we do is to make ourselves happy. It is people’s biggest desire. Our decisions are based on our assumption that we will be happier. But sometimes we don’t wait long enough to think more so we rush with our decisions and after that we regret it. Patience is the key to having a happy life since it allows you the time and space to think thoroughly and then to act.

Your peace – the most valuable thing you have

Peace has no price. It is the most valuable thing in your life that is not a luxury but a basic need. Yes, you need peace, and the older you are, the easier it is to come to this conclusion. Patience doesn’t guarantee fame and wealth, but will surely provide you a peaceful life. Your heart will not be concerned too much with anything that happens around you.

It’s a good thing to be in a place where you can’t be shaken. We live in an unpredictable world where things change fast. For most people, life feels like rushing with the time, trying to catch out everything they can in the 24 hours they have in a day. And at the end of the day, it always feels like too little to do all we have wanted and planned. And then we lose our patience.

How to stay calm?

Patience is the ability to have self-control, especially in situations that you did not expect. When something does not go according to what you’ve planned, don’t panic. Allow yourself to be in the moment, to breathe deeply, and calm down. Accept that you don’t have control over many things and you will feel much better. Taking responsibility for all that happens is just a too big load to carry on your shoulders.

When you accept this attitude that everything will be OK, you will not get upset so easily anymore. All that happens will turn out for good, just stay at peace. Things you don’t have control over will only steal your time and joy, so just be patient. Patience allows you to think with a cool head that helps you look at the situation from a higher perspective, not only from your own. This self-control will save not only your energy but your health too. You will bring much wiser decisions and your actions will be more reasonable.

Be patient with your kids

Being a parent is not easy. You face different situations and challenges every single day. There is no break from the most responsible job in the world – to be a parent. Kids are kids and they will do something that you don’t like, so your patience is put to a test daily. How you will respond to all of the conflicting situations will show whether you have the patience or not. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough, you can always practice and get better. Your children deserve your efforts because when they grow up they will speak and act the way you did in front of them. So be very careful because your words can hurt them and leave scars on their hearts.

Patience makes you a better person

Patience helps you put others first. This virtue will make you a more compassionate person, someone who has time for those who need someone to console them, to help them, motivate them, etc.

There is a famous saying: “Patience leads to salvation”, and I believe this is said for a good reason. Patient people are those who always win even though they might look like they’ve lost. A patient person is better than anyone else because real strength is not in your muscles but your brain. 

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