People’s Greediness and Stupidity Threaten the Earth More than Pollution Does According to Stephen Hawking

The exceptional physicist was talking many times about the danger we are putting ourselves in.

Is our planet a safe place to live in?

Air pollution, water pollution, climate change, overpopulation… the Earth is becoming more and more an unsafe place to live in. But is this the worst we can experience? Or there is something behind this physical destruction of our environment? Maybe our own greediness has led to it? Maybe our lack of awareness and responsibility for our own behavior is the reason we are living in this kind of world today?

Many great minds have been warning us since a long time ago that bad times are coming and that there is something that we can do on time to prevent great destruction to take place. But were our ears open to hear? Were our minds open to thinking? Let’s see what Stephen Hawking was saying.

One of the biggest scientists of all time, Stephen Hawking, has said some of the most important things in the world that last long after his death. He warned us many times that we will suffer due to our own greediness and foolishness. As many times before, he was right.

Global warming is the biggest problem according to this outstanding mathematician

According to him, people’s mindlessness and greed are leading to such great destruction of our planet, that even pollution cannot do. What did he mean by that?

In an interview from 2016, he explained that during the last six years our population has become a half-billion bigger. He saw a big problem in these numbers, calculating that by 2100, our planet will have eleven billion people. What consequences do we suffer today due to overpopulation?

As he explained in Larry King’s show, air pollution is one of the greatest negative effects that we have to deal with, especially those living in urban places. The levels of air pollution have become very unsafe during the last five years and almost everyone living in big cities suffers.

Besides air pollution, global warming is another problem we have to resolve quickly because it is leading to an uncontrollable rise of the temperature all over the earth. The negative effects are obvious to all of us. The ice is melting, the sea levels are rising, plants and animals are dying, food security is lost… 

A call for action

If we listen to Hawkins’ remarks about our future, then we might be provoked into action. Many consider him as a reliable source of great in-depth knowledge. Therefore, we should not hesitate to think about the words of this theoretical physicist and admirable cosmologist.

Taking into account all of the factors that influence our health, he was worried about our future for a good reason, asking whether it will be too late to prevent catastrophic rise of global warming.

If we don’t do anything to stop the rise of the temperature, it will be definitely harder in the future. Therefore, let us do something while we still have time.

What are your thoughts about this problem? 

What do you think you can do for you and your environment?

How can you influence others about this matter?

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