True Friends Always Have Time for You – Too Busy is Not an Excuse

We live in a busy world today. Chaos is everywhere around us. People look like they do nothing except work. That’s why you should respect those who make time for you besides their busy schedule. In these times, it is pretty easy to find people to hang out with and some of them will become your close friends.

However, it is not that simple to find, create, and maintain true friendships.

Who is your best friend?

How do you describe a good friend? Surely, spending time together is something that will reinforce friendships and will make them last longer. Therefore, a good friend is someone who is always there for you and is eager to see you and talk to you just for no reason.

We all know that true friends stay loyal especially in hard times, and they will never leave you. But, who stays with you when you don’t need help? Who is eager to call you just to hear your voice? Who sends you a good morning message just to wish you a good day? Respect and cherish those kinds of people, because if their motives are pure, then you should feel free to rely on them and count them as a blessing in your life. Don’t hesitate to give them your best. Don’t feel afraid to say thank you and to take them seriously. Probably, they are your best friends.

Do you want to have a friend that never has time for you?

Being busy is no excuse anymore since this phenomenon has been lately disproved. Many people hide under this sentence: “I’m sorry, I have no time.”

The truth is, they just don’t want to be with you, but are not sincere enough to admit that. The reality is that everyone has at least half a minute to reply to online messages. If someone cannot answer your call, he or she for sure can write you back. If you are on top of someone’s priority list, it will be very easy for that person to check out with you regularly. If not, then it’s good for you if you accept that and try not to take it personally. At the end of the day, everyone has the right to choose his/her own friends.

Know when to put an end

When someone doesn’t reply to your calls or messages, it is an obvious sign that you are not that person’s favorite friend. So, it is time to stop doing that. Instead of wasting your time, find the strength to move on, and give your attention to someone who truly deserves it.

Don’t accept excuses anymore. You deserve to receive what you are ready to give. If you don’t respect your time, then nobody else will. Therefore, choose wisely who you will let in your life, for who you will make space and time.

Never force anyone to be your real friend. True friendship grows day by day, little by little, by giving each other time and space, sharing your thoughts, feelings, ideas, plans. True friendship is one of the best things that can happen to you in your life.

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