Only 3% Of Highly Creative People Can Pass This Test

In the past, life and circumstances challenged people to continually seek new and creative ways how to solve their problems. Their brains had to be constantly active as their lives weren’t as comfortable as ours today.

Now, we live in a society where creative thinking and mental challenges are not so appreciated. Especially since the internet and smartphones took over, people are mostly spending their time mindlessly scrolling on their phones.

They would rather watch brainless TV Shows than concentrate on something more challenging.

However, some people thrive on mentally stimulating their brain. Pushing your mind to find creative ways to solve things is key to being successful in life. If you are one of those, we share a tricky quiz with you that will be a brain exercise at the same time.

This quiz asks you to choose which item is different than the others. Although some of them are very easy to spot, other questions will make you think harder.

This is good because they check your capacity to classify these groups based on the laws that govern them. Then you use that information to logically differentiate the odd one from each set.

Give it a try and check your creative intelligence.

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