Here Is How Your Sitting Position Determines Your Personality

Body language experts believe that our sleeping positions determine our character and personality. If you think that this is weird, read the descriptions below and find out how your sleeping position reveals your character.  

Sitting in position A 

If you are mostly sitting in position A, it means that you are bad at expressing your thoughts and opinions. You think that you will not get into trouble by ignoring them.  

However, you should start to think more constructively and start to handle your problems.  

Sitting in position B 

If you are sitting in position B, you are imaginative and creative. It means that you are out-going and people love spending time with you. You enjoy traveling and meeting new people. You want to explore the world and learn new things.  

Sitting in position C 

If your favorite position is C, it means that you are afraid of leaving your comfort zone. At first, you seem disorganized and chaotic, but you function perfectly in your mess.  

Sitting in position D 

If you are usually sitting in position D, it means that you are very punctual. You cannot stand people who are always late.  

Moreover, you are shy and reserved and do not express your emotions in public. You try to avoid conflicts and confrontations with other people.  

Sitting in position D

If your favorite sitting position is D, it means that you are very cautious and careful about things in your life. You always think before you make a decision.  

Also, you are very ambitious and strive to achieve all your goals

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