It’s True: Intelligent Women Threaten The Fragile Male Ego

It is true that the majority of men love being with soft and fragile women. If they have a chance to choose between a dominant, strong woman, and a soft and fragile one, they will choose the latter. They want to feel like protectors.  

However, this isn’t a novelty. Men have been the same since ancient times, and it is considered that it has been ingrained in their DNAs. This is related to the purpose of our existence and procreation.  

But even though we all know that this is true, there is still a doubt in our minds. Why? Is it because men are predisposed to be a stronger gender or because intelligent and strong women threaten their male ego?  

Numerous studies have been carried out and the results show that the number of men, who prefer intelligent and smart women over soft and fragile ones, is smaller than we believe.  

A study carried out by the researchers at the University of Texas, the University of Buffalo, and the California Lutheran University, confirmed our beliefs. Men, who took part in the research, were asked if they would mind dating a woman who is smarter than them. 90% of the participants confirmed that they would be fine with it, but when the scores were revealed, they lost interest in the women.  

To conclude, men are attracted by more intelligent and competent women as long as there is a physiological or physical distance between them. However, as far as dating is concerned, they prefer being with women who cannot outsmart them.  

Another study showed the same results, but it also answered why this happens. In this study, the male participants were asked to describe their sense of masculinity in a situation in which a woman outsmarted them.

The findings of the study revealed that men were attracted to more intelligent women only if the women were portrayed as psychologically distant targets. On the other hand, when the targets were near, men showed less interest in intelligent women.  

Finally, it is considered that men feel threatened by intelligent and strong women. They do not feel comfortable when there is an intelligent woman near them. Their only choice is to keep their distance from women who can outsmart them.  

Although studies have shown that most men are threatened by self-dependent and powerful women, it does not mean that there is something wrong with you. It does not mean that all men are equal. Just keep chasing your dreams and achieving your dreams. There are people who will always support you and love you for who you truly are. 

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