Keep Your Personal Life To Yourself – The Fewer People Know About It, The Happier You Will Be

People-pleasing is a human characteristic that we all share. While some people like pleasing people, others seek approval through it. We are social creatures and we want to know what other people think of us. We try everything to make people love us. But it is impossible to be liked by everybody.  

You are asking yourself why you are feeling unhappy and miserable. That is because you are revealing your own life to other people. You are showing them your personal flaws and imperfections.  

Private life is a happy life. If you respect your own privacy, there will be less drama in your life. Keep your life for yourself. There are a lot of negative people around you. People do not need to know your personal or family problems.  

Nobody is perfect. Everyone has problems.  

People pretend to be happy. They pretend that everything is perfect in their lives. Do not believe them. Nobody should know your privacy. Whenever you share some personal experience with someone, you got hurt. Some people do not deserve to know your personal life. Your best friends or family members may be among them, too. Not every person in your life has good intentions.

Therefore, before you start sharing your personal details, you need to be sure that you are sharing them with the right people who will not use them to take advantage of you or hurt you.  

Live your own life and stop living for others. They have their own lives. You do not have to prove yourself to other people. They do not deserve it.  

If you feel unhappy, telling your personal life to others will not help you. It will not make you feel better. People twist the truth because they cannot stand the social pressure.  

Wake up. Not everybody is worthy of knowing your dreams, your secrets, your goals. Nothing good will come out of everyone knowing your personal life. Do not give them the privilege to know everything about you. If you have a lack of self-esteem, you let other people feel like they can define your life. You cannot be defined. Making the decision to recognize and acknowledge yourself is what is going to attract real friends into your life.  

Stop treating people like you owe them something.

The only reason why you do this is that you think you are not good enough and you try to compensate them. But you are more than enough, just the way you are. You do not need to give people the privilege to know your personal life.  

The moment you confront your fear and take time to understand, listen to, and appreciate your personal life is the moment when you will not need the entire world any longer. If you want to achieve your aims, keep them to yourself. It is not other people`s business to know what you are doing. Your privacy is your power.

Keeping the good things to yourself will save you from people`s jealousy and envy. People cannot ruin what they do not know. When everybody is obsessed with sharing details of their life, be different, and keep your next step a mystery.  

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