Meet Autumn California, A 4-year-old Girl Whose Skateboarding Videos Went Viral

Autumn California Bailey, a 4-year-old girl from Brighton, UK, is one of the youngest skateboarders in the world. Skating is her only passion. You will find Autumn rolling through the skate park and pulling off tricks that even adults can hardly perform.  

Tara, Autumn’s mother, said that the girl fell in love with skateboarding naturally because she grew up in a house where everybody loved skateboarding and punk music.  

Tara explained that Autumn started skateboarding at the age of two. Now, she skates four times per week. She has become popular at the skate parks and when she goes there, people come and greet her. Tara always accompanies her. It seems that Autumn will become a very good skater when she grows up. Also, if we consider the fact that pro skaters are often appearing at an early age, she has the opportunity to become one of the youngest pro skaters.  

Moreover, Autumn is popular on Instagram, too. She has an Instagram account (@autumnskating) with more than 65.000 followers dedicated to her mastery of skateboarding. Tara shares plenty of videos of her daughter’s skateboarding skills.  

Even though Autumn is well-known at the skateboard parks, Tara said that she is often criticized by people for allowing her to skate. She often finds herself explaining to them that although she is the youngest at the skate park, she is very good at skateboarding.  

Autumn did a skateboarding tour in Australia recently and made friends from all over the world. Tara said that since they have come back home, Autumn`s confidence is really high. 

Thanks to her amazing skateboarding skills. Autumn has become an Internet legend. Her idol is Lizzie Armanto, an American professional skateboarder, whose videos she used to watch when she was one. Check her Instagram account for more videos. 

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