A Video Of White-haired Baby Went Viral On The Internet

Both the mother and the doctors were surprised by the white hair of the newborn baby. Bence, the white-haired baby, was 21 inches high and weighed 12 pounds. To find out the reasons for his white hair, the doctors did a blood test. 

The results of the blood test 

The doctors thought that the reduced levels of melanin caused white hair. Nevertheless, some doctors believed that it could be a sign of prenatal stress or disease. According to studies, babies are prone to stress and anxiousness if the mother had stress during pregnancy. Stress and anxiety could also lead to a low weight of the baby, premature birth, or an increased risk of infections and allergies.  

The white-haired baby become very popular 

Everyone at the hospital adored the baby and named him Prince Charming. A video of his white hair vent viral on the Internet.  

Many people thought that the white hair of the baby was caused by albinism, a rare inherited condition caused by a reduced level of melanin. It may cause the hair and the skin to go light in color.  

According to doctors, white hair in newborn babies can be related to genetics. Moreover, mutant cells in the hair or lack of vitamin B12 can also lead to this condition.  

Even though the reasons for the white hair of the baby are not known, the blood tests showed that the baby was perfectly healthy. They expect to see whether the baby’s hair will begin to darken as he grows up. Doctors believe that the level of melanin will increase as the baby grows up and his white hair will start to darken.  

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