Studies Confirm – Giving Experiences Instead Of Toys Boosts Your Child`s Intelligence

Spending time with your children is the most valuable thing you can give them. According to the recent studies, children can be less happy if their parents give them everything from their wish list. You should never buy your children whatever they want to. They can cry all they want – getting them everything will not do them any good later in their lives.

New studies have confirmed that giving our children experiences as gifts instead of material things can help them grow. So, instead of buying toys for your children, you should give them experiences that can boost their intelligence.

Games and toys should be replaced with experiences

Clair Lerner, a childhood development researcher and social worker, stated that children play less, when they are given an abundance of games and toys. Too many toys can distract and overwhelm children. In this way they will lose the concentration needed for learning and playing.

Lerner`s findings were supported by Michael Malon, a professor at the University of Cincinnati. According to him, fewer, but better games and toys enhance kid`s skills, such as sharing and cooperation. In addition, too many games and toys encourage children to play on their own.

Experiences boost children`s generosity and intelligence

Spending time with your children and giving them experiences are the most precious things that you can give to your children. Moreover, experimental gifts are more socially connected, because they tend to be emotionally evocative. This means that the experimental gifts induce strong emotional responses when a recipient absorbs it and it is much more emotional than a material gift.

Recently, in a study of 3,000 participants, it has been found out that the academic success of the children was more dependent on their parents` participation and their home environment than on the games and toys they were given. Children, who had no games and fewer toys, but who spend more time with their parents, did better in school in most aspects of social and emotional development. This indicated that parents` involvement is better for children than the electronic devices and toys.

Moreover, the studies also confirmed that giving children experiences instead of material things boost up their generosity and gratitude. It also forges stronger child-parent bonds. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at the Cornel University, carried out numerous studies and found out that happiness can be acquired from experiences, not from things that we can buy.

Finally, the happiness children obtain from experiences is more significant than their excitement with games and toys. Spending time with your children and giving them experiences as a gift increases their joy and happiness. Do not stress about how many toys your children have. Just focus on making valuable memories – they’ll matter to your children more when they grow up.

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