United States: Utah Officials Were Happy To See Animals Using A Highway Wildlife Overpass

In order to reduce traffic accidents involving wildlife on a busy overpass, Utah officials built a bridge. A new video indicates that their plan was successful.

A bridge, which was built to help wildlife animals get through to the interstate safely, is working perfectly. Some people describe it as a scene of ‘The Lion King’.

Video shows bridge made for wildlife in use by bears, coyotes, and mountain lions

This week, the Division of Wildlife in Utah, shared a video of its ‘Critter Bridge’ on their Facebook page, showing that different types of animals, including moose, bear, lions, deer, squirrels, and coyotes, could get across the bridge.

They wrote that two years have passed since this bridge was built. Wildlife can cross the Interstate safely without interfering with motorists thanks to the Utah Department of Transportation and the Utah State University.

The bridge, which was built for animals in 2018, was located over I-80 near Salt Lake City. The bridge’s construction cost $5 million. It is filled with rocks, logs, boulders, and other natural resources, offering wildlife a safe alternative to traffic on I-80. Keeping wildlife animals from speeding vehicles was the main reason why the bridge was built.

Wildlife bridge in Utah keeps animals and drivers safe

Typically, animals need time to adjust, Utah officials do not believe that there would be such success soon. John Gleason, a spokesman of the Utah transportation department, said that it might take years for animals to start using the overpass. They are seeing results, and it is an unexpected success to notice results so early.

The previous year, Scott Root, the manager of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, said that everybody felt great that the bridge was used. They have noticed that all sorts of animals are taking advantage of the car-free bridge over the past few years.

Next year, Officials are also planning to build an enormous bridge for wildlife over highway 101 in Southern California.

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