Kenney Grew Up Without A Father And Now Is Supporting Others Through His “Dad, How Do I?” YouTube Channel

Rob Kenney has a very popular YouTube Channel called “Dad, How Do I?” where he is teaching skills that only fathers can pass onto their sons. These videos have won the hearts of many people, especially those who went through a similar experience like him – growing without a father.

Kenney’s dad left their home when he was only 14. So, he and his siblings were left alone. In an interview for Shattered Magazine, he explains how he lived together with one of his older brothers, how he has gotten married and had two children who are now adults. His son, Kyle is a software engineer, and his daughter, Kristine works with kids.

Kenney wants to help others

The emptiness that his father made in his soul, now he wants to fulfill with the creation of these videos that he uses to share some practical advice for everyday life. Most of all, he desires to touch those whose families are broken or whose parents are absent. In the videos he gives a lot of tips on how to tie a tie, how to check the oil, to iron a shirt, and to fix the running toiler.

He admits that at the beginning his only aim was to teach people how to do everyday stuff, but now he realized that he is also encouraging people, so he wants to keep on doing this. After the publishing of his interview, his YouTube channel reached 855,000 subscribers.

His fans are very grateful to him for all the videos he makes. They speak about their feelings and how he made them cry. His YouTube channel is a welcoming distraction from the cruel reality that we live through the whole year.

After he realized how big support are his videos for some people, he made a video to say thank you to all those who wrote him grateful messages using kind words. He hopes that he can help people to alleviate at least a small part of their pain.

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