Find Out The True Meaning Of The Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol is much more than just a great pic for a tattoo. It actually holds a lot of significance for many people. Read this article and find out its true meaning – we’re sure it’ll surprise you.

When does it come from?

While people think it comes from modern times, the truth is, it is a very old symbol that is used since ancient times. states that it was found in the 17th century and that it became popular very fast. It started to appear on different kinds of things, even on tarot cards.

The infinity symbol comes from ancient times when it represented divine power. Pharaohs were the ones who created it as a symbol called the great Uraeus. This symbol was a snake that circles into itself and stands tall, making at the bottom the same infinity symbol that is used now. That is why many people connect the spiritual meaning of the Uraeus with its modern way of look.


What does it represent?

The widely used infinity symbol represents the concept of limitlessness or eternity. People use this symbol to express their desire for something in their life to last forever. Although this symbol is associated with mathematics, because it is mostly used in math, many tend to use it in a metaphorical sense and nothing can stop them.

The Ouroboros symbol

The infinity symbol is not the only symbol from ancient times that represents infinity. The Ouroboros symbol has the same meaning and comes together with the Uraeus. Ouroboros has the same look, but its snake eats itself.

With the constant dying and rebirth, it symbolizes the unity of all things. This symbol has a very deep and powerful spiritual meaning. The more you dive into it, the more you discover its power. You will find out that although it is used as representing infinity, it has the same meaning that always did.

Probably for most of you, this is not important, but for those who have been wondering about the meaning of this symbol, read this article and watch the video below to find out more. It is important that we try to discover the spiritual aspect of things around us. This symbol, like many others, is not just an ordinary symbol. It means much more than that.


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