How to Get Rid of the Six Types of Body Fat

While the world is currently fighting an entirely different type of epidemic, we’ve been battling others for decades. One of them is obesity. While it’s not an infection, the unhealthy lifestyle the majority of people lead is resulting in everyone getting heavier and heavier. The prevalence in the USA was over 42% in 2018, which is concerning.

And it’s not just the USA. Our hectic schedules and busy lives leave us no time for exercise and proper, homemade meals. We eat too much junk food and while it seems irrelevant, it’s destroying our bodies from the inside. Obesity has been cited as the leading global cause of cardiovascular problems and kills more people every year than other serious diseases.

Staying fit is key to staying healthy. Even obese individuals can lost their extra weight if they put in the effort. However, you first must determine the type of fat on your body before you start destroying it.

Prevalence of Obesity

In 2018, the prevalence of obesity in the USA was over 42%. With the coronavirus pandemic rampaging for almost 2 years, things are even worse. We already had a sedentary lifestyle before it, but now, we do almost nothing every day. Well, the most of us, at least.

According to stats released by the CDC, over 40% of adults between 20 and 39 suffer from obesity. In those aged between 40 and 60, the percentage is almost 45%. That’s concerning as these are the people who are supposed to be active. It shows that the diet most of us consume is nowhere near healthy. And it’s better not to talk about regular exercise. These days, the only activity most people get is going to the store. Sometimes just one time per week.

All of that needs to change if the numbers are to be dropped. The good news is that a recent study on obesity indicated that there are 6 different types of fats. Why is this important? Because by targeting the fat group, you can shed excess weight from your body more efficiently.

The Six Types of Body Fat Distribution

Before we delve deeper into the six fat categories that contribute to obesity, let’s say a few things about distribution patterns. There are two of these – android and gynoid.

Android fat distribution is more common in males than females. It’s the so-called ‘apple’ body type where the waist circumference is greater than the circumference on the hips.

A gynoid distribution is more common in females. It’s the ‘pear’ body type where the hips’ circumference is greater than the waist circumference.

Knowing this, we can now talk about the different body fat types.


Most males around the age of 30 or so have fat accumulated in the stomach area. It doesn’t necessarily include fat on the back, hands, lower or upper body. This type of fat is usually caused by anxiety, depression, and stress. In order to burn it, you should eat healthy, exercise regularly, and try calming techniques such as yoga.

Upper Body

If your fat distribution is mostly located in the upper body, it is caused by physical inactivity. The solution is simple – try to walk more or sign up at the gym. You need at least 30 minutes of exercise per day.

Swollen Stomach

Breathing difficulties and heavy alcohol consumption result in fat distribution that looks like a swollen stomach. In this case, limit your alcohol intake or stop drinking, eat healthy, and start exercising. If you don’t you could be in for cardiovascular problems as you age.

Protruding Stomach and Back Fat

If you have fat on your back and a protruding stomach, it’s because you’re not very active. Exercising for 30 minutes per day should resolve it.

Lower Body Obesity

Lower body obesity is a gynoid problem. It can be resolved with cardio exercises every day and exercises that target the lower body.

Lower Body Obesity and Fat on the Legs

Another mainly gynoid problem, this one is solved with water aerobics. Also, if you can, make sure to spend an hour or two sitting with your feet raised during the day. It should help ease the pressure on your feet and joints.

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