Did You Know that the Shape of Your Little Finger Reveals Important Things About Your Character?

Do you believe that your destiny is written in the stars or that the lines of your hand could predict your life? It’s the same with those beliefs that the shape and size of your fingers can say a lot about your character. While it sounds like scientific mumbo-jumbo, many experts believe that it holds merit. Especially when it comes to the little finger on your hands.

The shape of our little fingers can say a lot about your character and even tell you things that you may not have known about yourself. Sure, it sounds like a bunch of nonsense, but if you read what we have for you below, you might find logic in it just like we did.

Every day we learn something new about ourselves. We don’t know about you, but we’d surely love to learn what our little fingers can reveal about our character.

Little Finger Type A

If your little finger is in line with the last section of the finger next to it, you’re a person who rarely shows their feelings. People with this type of little finger often consider themselves brave in misfortune, but that’s not always true. They are very sensitive and eccentric sometimes, which is why many consider them aggressive. That’s certainly not the case – the eccentricity is simply a makeup for their sensitive side.

People with this type of little finger never seek excuses or delay obligations. When there’s work to be done, they are always on the task. Hypocrisy and lies are a big no-no in their books. These people are dedicated to their families and friends, and couldn’t do without them.

Little Finger Type B

If your little finger ends up just over the last segment on the finger next to it, you are stubborn and determined. Give these people some kind of goal and they’ll die to complete it. They don’t give up for anything, and this stubbornness runs deep – they will hit their head on the wall even if it hurts just to achieve something.

At the same time, they have a big heart that is easy to hurt. They hide their emotional side because they don’t want to get hurt. They don’t bear loss easily so you could say that they’re very emphatic. The good news is that they can get high satisfaction when they finish a job properly.

Little Finger Type C

People whose little finger is just under the line of the last segment of the finger next to it are introverts. These people would rather spend a quiet night at home than go out. They avoid risks and always play it safe. They aren’t attached to many people, they love their homes and strive to live peaceful lives.

These people will never let anyone control their lives. They are often misunderstood and are very easy to hurt. Which is insane since they always mind their business and respect everyone’s opinion.

Which Little Finger Type You Have?

Look at your hands and check your little finger type – do these descriptions match your character? Tell us in the comments section below!

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