4 Habits All Happy People Learned to Quit

What makes us happy? This is a question that has plagued scientists and philosophers for centuries. While there isn’t one definitive answer, research suggests that the key to happiness lies in quitting certain habits and behaviors. Here are four habits all happy people learned to quit so they could live their best lives.


We’ve all been guilty of procrastination at some point in our lives, but it turns out that this habit is more damaging than we thought. Not only does procrastination lead to feelings of guilt and regret, but it also keeps us from achieving our goals and enjoying life. For example, if you keep pushing back your workout or meal planning routine, you won’t get any closer to reaching your health goals. To be truly happy, we need to focus on doing things now instead of later.

Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparison is the thief of joy, as the old saying goes. Comparing ourselves to others will only leave us feeling inadequate because no two people are the same. Instead of focusing on what others have achieved or possess, we should focus on our own accomplishments and strengths. Celebrating the successes of others can help boost our own sense of self-worth without getting caught up in unhealthy comparisons.


Negative thinking is like a virus – it spreads quickly and can affect not only your mood but also those around you. Negative thoughts can be hard to shake off once they take hold and can cause undue stress and anxiety. Learning how to recognize when you’re being negative can help you break this habit before it takes hold too deeply. It also helps to cultivate positive thinking by surrounding yourself with positive influences such as friends who uplift you instead of bringing you down with negative talk.

Resisting Change

Change can be uncomfortable at first but sometimes it’s necessary for growth and progress in life. Whether it’s changing jobs or trying something new, embracing change opens up new opportunities that wouldn’t have been available otherwise. Learning how to accept change instead of resisting it will free up time and energy for more enjoyable activities that bring us closer to true happiness.

By breaking these four habits all happy people learned to quit, we give ourselves the opportunity to live fuller lives with fewer stressors and greater joys. We should always strive for a balance between challenge and comfort; after all, true happiness comes from within when we combine meaningful work with meaningful relationships – both with ourselves and with others around us! Remembering these four habits will help us find peace within ourselves as well as greater fulfillment in life overall!

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