5 Warning Signs of Narcissistic Love Patterns

Narcissism is an often misunderstood psychological disorder. It can manifest in the form of grandiose behavior, selfishness, and entitlement. Unfortunately, many times it can be difficult to identify a narcissistic partner until it’s too late. To help you spot a narcissist before they have the chance to hurt you, here are 5 narcissistic love patterns you should look out for.

Pattern 1: They Are Very Charismatic and Charming

Narcissists usually come off as very charming and charismatic when you first meet them. They may appear confident or even overly confident, which can be attractive to those around them. While this charm is initially appealing, it is important to remember that narcissists’ main goal is always to get what they want – often at the expense of others.

Pattern 2: They Have Fluctuating Self-Esteem

A narcissist may seem like someone with high self-esteem on the surface but deep down, their self-esteem is actually quite low. This can cause them to constantly seek validation from others in order to feel better about themselves. Consequently, it is not uncommon for a narcissist to become jealous or possessive if their partner receives attention from another person or if their partner does not give them enough compliments or affirmations of their worthiness.

Pattern 3: They Play Mind Games

Narcissists are notorious for playing mind games with their partners in order to manipulate them into doing things that will benefit the narcissist’s own agenda. For example, they may use guilt trips or gaslighting tactics in order to make their partner feel inferior or unworthy so that they will do whatever the narcissist wants them to do without question.

Pattern 4: They Are Very Selfish

Narcissists are notoriously selfish people who put their own needs above everyone else’s – including their partner’s needs. This selfishness often leads them to treat others as expendable objects rather than as individuals worthy of respect and compassion. As a result, it is common for narcissistic partners to take advantage of those around them without feeling any remorse afterward.

Pattern 5: They Are Controlling and Jealous

Narcissists often display controlling behaviors such as micromanaging their partners’ lives or trying to dictate how they should dress or act in public settings. Similarly, due to their low self-esteem issues mentioned above, a narcissistic partner may become extremely jealous if they perceive any potential threat coming from another individual – even if there really isn’t one present!

Identifying whether your current romantic partner has narcissistic tendencies can be difficult but it’s important that you do so in order to protect yourself from further emotional harm down the line. By looking out for these 5 narcissistic love patterns listed above, you can spot potential danger signs early on and take appropriate steps toward getting away from an unhealthy relationship before it’s too late!

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