12 Signs That Your Friends Don’t Respect You

Do you sometimes have the feeling that some of your friends are not sincere with you and that you are not a priority to them? This is a pretty bad feeling that all of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

Some behavioral habits show how you can check if your friends are true friends indeed. Check this list and find out.

1. They always bring decisions instead of you

If you are the kind of person that is often unconcerned, it is easier for you to have a friend who takes the lead. Sometimes it is very relaxing to have this kind of person by your side, especially if you are not hard to please.

But, if that person always brings decisions for you, and never listens to your ideas and thoughts, then he or she probably doesn’t respect you. Respect is when both sides have mutual communication filled with understanding. With your true friends, you should feel at ease sharing your desires and all that you need.

2. They don’t respect your feelings

All of us have that friend who warns us when our feelings are unnecessary. But if that person is constantly ignoring your feelings and making you feel like a drama queen for no reason, then maybe they don’t respect your feelings.

Usually, these kinds of people are afraid of being criticized, so they are the first ones to point out other people’s mistakes. Of course, they will never admit they’ve done something wrong.

3. They feel jealous of your success

If some of your friends don’t have the time to celebrate your successes, then most probably they are not your true friends. Being busy is never an excuse because your happiness makes true friends happy too. Real friends are always there for each other, in good and bad.

4. They hurt you intentionally

If someone hurts you intentionally, you can be sure that they are not a good friend and don’t respect your feelings. As humans, we often upset our loved. But if you care enough for others, then you will know their limits.

5. They are your friends only when it’s appropriate for them

If you go out only when they are free and at places where they want to go, then this is a  sign that you should not ignore. The way they treat you shows that they don’t value you very much.

6. They downgrade you in public

False friends will reveal their true faces when you are in public. They have no problem degrading your personality in front of others. Belittling includes humiliating, putting down, ignoring, or laughing at your opinions and attitudes in public.

When someone does this to you, then you are not respected by that person. The reason why some people love doing this is their insecurity and it has nothing to do with you. Still, you should not tolerate this treatment, instead, you need to try your best to avoid that person as much as you can.

7. They don’t keep their promises

All of us have made a mistake unintentionally. But some people hurt their loved ones consciously. So, if you notice that your friend always breaks his/her promises then he/she doesn’t respect you.

Sometimes we are not able to fulfill some promise we’ve made, but if that becomes our habit, then we should say sorry and try our best to change that behavior.

8. They criticize the choices you make in life

It is very good to have someone to give you advice when you need to make an important choice. But, you don’t need someone that criticizes every choice you make. What you need is a friend who will support you and encourage you to give your best in every area of your life. Those who don’t respect you will not encourage you to take big projects or accept a higher position because they don’t believe you can succeed.

Whatever it is, making you feel bad about your decisions is a sign that they are not true friends. They have the right to step in only if you are making unhealthy and unsafe choices in life.

9. They talk badly about you behind your back

All of us know how much it hurts to be gossiped, especially from a close friend. If someone spreads rumors about you, talking badly and complaining about you to other people who know you, this is where you need to stop your relationship.

10. They never reach out to you

Another sign of not being respected by your friends is when they never reach out to you. Maybe you are always the first one to check out with them and the first one to suggest going out. You may feel upset when the people you care about, don’t really care about you. You might feel undervalued and discouraged to keep on with your initiations.

11. They make you feel guilty

Real friends never neglect each other’s emotions, but they take them into account before taking an action or bringing a decision. They never make the other feel guilty, but show respect towards their feelings.

On the other side, false friends will push you to do things you don’t want to, and will not have compassion for you. No matter how you feel, they will do what they want to do.

12. They don’t respect your boundaries

Friends who don’t respect you are usually too demanding of you and don’t allow you to have a life outside your friendship. They don’t understand that you need some time alone and they want you to always be available for them.

On the other side, they cannot offer you what they ask from you. They are not loyal and committed to you.

All of us will soon or later meet a false friend in life. But we should not be afraid, worried, or discouraged. It is usually a phase that won’t last too long. We can just do our best to come out of it stronger and better.

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