Connect Your Thumb to Your Little Finger and You Will Reveal Something Special

Humans are very interesting beings. The evolution of men is an amazing process that we went through in the ancient past. Today we are much different compared to the people at the beginning. A lot of changes have occurred within our bodies due to environmental changes. We have existed for so long, but we still don’t know why we are special.

Throughout their development, humans have left some traces that are now carefully studied. These analyses will help us understand the human race better. Some of those traces can still be found within us. Here are some of them:

The palmaris longus muscle

Put your arm on the table. Lift your palms, and connect the little finger and the thumb. Do you see your tendon? You can see it sometimes due to the palmaris longus muscle that is positioned between the wrist and the upper arm. This muscle doesn’t serve us anymore, but it is still visible in most of us. But the fact that it cannot be seen in around 13% of the world population is pretty interesting.

A pink corner at the end of your eye

Have you seen the corner of your eyes? There is a pink corner that probably you have never asked yourself why it is there. It is a protective layer that was used as a third eye to keep our eyes safe when they are closed. Today humans have eyelashes so they don’t need its function anymore.

The wiggling of the ears

You may hear it for the first time, but humans used to wiggle their ears because it made their hearing better. In the ancient past, people needed to have great listening capabilities to be able to recognize certain sounds better. This helped them to avoid any possible danger. As we were leaving the wild, this predisposition was less and less used. Now it is only a tendency in cats, while people only make fun of it.

Wisdom teeth

Have you ever wondered what your wisdom teeth serve you for? We take them out eventually, so why do they appear anyway? A long time ago, people had to chew a lot of solid foods and roots. That is why they needed stronger teeth and of course, more teeth would serve them much better. Today we eat soft food, so we don’t need so many teeth as our jaw is much smaller. There are changes even in animals. Monkeys today also don’t have wisdom teeth, except the gorillas.


Did you know that the great amount of hair that people had on their skin, served them a lot? When it was standing straight, they felt warmer as more heat was supplied. It also helped them to look bigger and stronger when faced with some dangerous opponents.

Maybe you cannot believe this straight away but just think about animals and their characteristics. Even domestic cats are great living proof.

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