Surprising Reasons Why to Spread Salt Around Your Home

Salt has a variety of uses in the household. Unlike other cleaning products, it is cheap and safe to use.  

15 Surprising household uses of salt 

You can use salt to: 

1. Eliminate ants 

You can get rid of ants around your house by sprinkling salt at places where you have seen them. It can also help you eliminate humidity and moisture in your house.  

2. Make your sink shiny 

In a glass of hot water add some salt. Use the mixture to clean your sink and bathroom. It will eliminate bad odor, and remove the accumulated grease from the sink.  

3. Polish brass, copper, and silverware  

After your silver, brass, and copper items lose their shine, you can return it with salt. All you need to do is to mix ACV with salt and polish your items.  

4. Clean your car and house windows 

In a gallon of water add two tablespoons of salt and mix them well. You can use this solution to get rid of stubborn stains and clean your car and house windows. 

5. Rejuvenate skin 

Mix lavender or olive essential oil with salt and apply the mixture to your face. Let it stay for a few minutes and rinse it with cold water.  

6. Whiten your teeth 

Mix equal amounts of salt and baking soda and brush your teeth. It will make your teeth whiter and improve your oral health.  

7. Soothe toothache 

You can use salt to relieve mouth sores and toothaches. In warm water, add some salt and let it stay until the salt dissolves. Wash the mouth with the mixture and spit it out.  

8. Wash clothes 

If you do not want your clothes to shrink after you wash them, you can add some salt to the washing machine.  

9. Restore the original color and shine of your rugs 

Mix water and salt and wash your carpets and rugs with the mixture. For better results, you can soak them in the mixture and let them stay for a few minutes. It will help you to bring back the original color and shine to your carpets and rugs.  

10. Eliminate wine and juice stains 

If you spill juice or wine on your clothes or tablecloths, pour salt on the spot to efficiently absorb the stain.  

11. Relieve a sore throat 

In a cup of hot water add a pinch of salt and mix until the salt dissolves. Gargle the mixture, but do not swallow it.  

12. Keep flowers fresh 

If you add salt to the water, it will eliminate bacteria, stimulate water uptake, and provide the flowers with the necessary nutrients which are missing from the water alone.  

13. Deodorize shoes 

To take the sting out of your shoes, you need to fill a coffee or napkin filter with baking soda and salt and tie it. Place the filter in the shoes and let it stay overnight. The bad smell will be gone.  

14. Clean stained cups 

If you want to remove coffee stains from your cups, apply some salt on a lemon peel and rub it around the stained area.  

15. Clean furniture 

To make your furniture look like new, in water add some salt and stir the solution well. Scrub the furniture with a brush and let it stay in the sun.  

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