Can You Find What is Missing in the Empty Square? You, Will, Give the Wrong Answer For Sure

Do you enjoy taking logical tasks? How do you solve them? Here is a very interesting one. It is a brain teaser that will for sure keep your attention. You only need to reveal what needs to be written on the empty box. But first, you have to discover what it is about. If your thinking is similar to the majority of people, then you will give the wrong answer. Around 90% of social network users didn’t give the right answer. Are you one of them? Or you will be able to solve the task?

In the picture above you can see six squares with numbers written on five of them. Your job is to find out what needs to be written in the empty one. It is not as simple as it sounds. If you follow the logic, then the first thing that comes to your mind is number 6. But is this number what is missing in the picture? Following the logical sequence of numbers, this would be the right answer. But remember that this is more a trick rather than math.

If you still can’t remember where have you seen this order of numbers, here is some help. If you are an active driver you will immediately know that this order of numbers is on the gearbox in your car. And if you are not a driver then you can see the answer in the picture below. Isn’t it interesting?

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