A Young Man Declined To Give Up His Seat On A Bus To A Pregnant Woman Because He Has Been Working All Day

One night, after finishing work, a man declined to give up his seat to a pregnant woman on the bus. He posted the story on Reddit and asked for people´s opinions. When he came back home, the man explained to his family what had happened on the bus. His parents and his sister immediately got angry at him.  

Then, he decided to post his story on Reddit and see other people´s opinions. In his post, the young man explained that after getting his car totaled, he had to take a bus to and from work. He worked a 10-hour shift, standing on his feet all day long. When he finished work, he had to walk another 15 – 20 minutes to get to the bus stop. It was very important for him to catch the bus on time, to sit and calm down.  

A pregnant woman got on the bus  

One night, a pregnant woman got on the bus while the young man was coming back home. With the new Covid-19 rules, there were only a few seats available, and the young man was the closest to the pregnant woman. The man had his headphones on his head and he made out that he did not notice her. However, the pregnant woman started talking to him.

She wanted to sit down, but he declined to give up his seat and described his reason. The woman started crying. She told him that she is a single mother. The young man told her that she made her choice and she could not expect other people to put up with her decisions. He added that they lived in a world where birth controls and abortions are free. He said that it was not his fault that she decided to have a baby without being able to afford a car.  

An elderly passenger gave up his seat to the pregnant woman   

After a few minutes, an elderly man muttered something to the young man and gave up his seat to the pregnant woman. Then, the bus suddenly stopped, and both the woman and the elderly passenger fall. Other passengers started to yell at him even more. However, he ignored them until he got off the bus.  

What was the opinion of Internet users?  

Most Reddit users considered that he was wrong by declining to give up his seat to the pregnant woman. Even though he was tired after a 10-hour work, the majority agreed that pregnant women are at risk of injuring themselves and their children if they fall.

Some of them said that he was not wrong by refusing to give up his seat to the pregnant woman, because other people on the bus could have offered their seats. Some people even pointed out that neither the woman nor the young man knew their situation. Her car might have been in the shop just like his.

Finally, most of the people were angry at him because of his thoughts regarding abortion. Hopefully, the young man will take into consideration the comments of the Internet users and give up his seat for a pregnant woman in the future. What do you think? Was his decision wrong

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