VIDEO: After Being Tickled By A Zookeeper Career, A Baby Chimpanzee Laughed For The First Time

This heart-warming footage shows a little chimpanzee laughing for the first time after being tickled by her zookeeper. Take a look at it, it will make your day.  

The video of an 11-week-old chimpanzee laughing for the first time after being tickled by her zookeeper career will brighten your day.  

In August, the Oklahoma City Zoo welcomed Maisie, a new baby chimpanzee. After the mother rejected it, the baby chimp was transported to Maryland Zoo to be kept and looked after. On the 28th of August, Nia, the first-time chimp mother gave birth to Maisie. It weighed about 4 lb.  

Maryland Zoo announced that they have chosen a name for the baby chimp. After asking online fans to help them to pick up a name for the little baby chimp, the zoo announced that the voting ended and that the name Maisie was chosen. The Zoo stated that over 9,500 votes were cast. 

They were very happy because the baby chimp got an official name. Zookeepers use individual names of chimpanzees, particularly during training sessions. The chimpanzees are able to recognize their names as well as each other`s names.

Another reason why they give names to chimpanzees is that it helps create a special bond between the visitors and the animals. If visitors learn to care for the individual, they will also care about what they were doing to save the species, which is of utter importance not only for their future generations but also for the future of Maisie`s cousins.  

The little chimpanzee loves cuddling and playing with human baby toys. The Zoo filmed the chimp laughing for the first time after it was being tickled by the zookeepers. Laughing and making a play face is a usual chimpanzee behavior, which chimps reach between 12 – 16 weeks. Maisie is seen playing with one of her baby toys while keeping a smile on her face.  

Now, the zookeepers take care of the little chimp, but it will be paired with a surrogate mother. Pam Carter, an area manager of the zoo, said that Maisie drinks baby formula every three hours, sleeps regularly, and does activities to strengthen her muscles.  

Chimpanzees are very social animals. Even though they walk on all fours, they can also walk and stand upright. Studies show that chimpanzees learn as quickly as humans. Their motor skills start to develop at four months, communication skills at twelve months, interaction skills at 14 months, and fine motor skills at around 15 months.  

On Tuesday, the Zoo shared another clip of Maisie in which the chimp starts to realize her focus and reflection on objects.  

As chimpanzees have already vanished from four countries, they are regarded as endangered species.

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