5 Exercises That Can Help You Reduce A Muffin Top At Home

A muffin top means a fat roll that can be seen on the top of your jeans. In the article, we will show you how to reduce this muffin top at home in no time.  

5 exercises to reduce a muffin top at home 

Here are some exercises that can help you tone your muscles, burn extra fat, and reduce the muffin top. For best results, you should consume more fresh fruits and vegetables, dark chocolate, oats, bins, nuts, whole grains, chicken, and beans. Moreover, consume plenty of water and stay active.  

  1. Mountain climbers 

You start with a plank surface and stretch out your legs and arms. Keep your body in a straight position and pull your abs. Move your right knee to the chest, but make sure you keep the core tight. Then, switch to the left knee and push the right leg back. Switch the knees, but make sure that you keep the spine in a straight line.  

      2. Jumping lunges

Stand with the feet wide apart and make a step forward with the right leg. Shift the weight forward with the leg and make sure the heel touches the ground. Jump up and switch the position of the feet. Lift your arms in the air when you jump.  

     3. Deep squat jumps 

Stand with your feet wide apart. Then, hinge at your hips and lower the tights to the ground. Jump as high as you can. Bend the knees at an angle of 45°, fall back into a squat, and jump again.  

    4. Side plank beds 

Lie on your side and place one forearm below the shoulder, but make sure you keep your feet together. Keep your abs tight and lift the body forward with the forearm. Hold this position for a minute, and do not let your hips drop.  

     5. Plank position 

Place your knees and hands on a mat. Lift the knees and push the feet back, making sure the body is extended with the toes placed on the mat. Keep your feet shoulder-wide apart. Press your hands on the mat and bend your elbows, while lifting the body in a straight line. Keep the core tight.  

Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can easily find these exercises again. And I almost forgot… Together with the exercises, I tried this Weird Japanese Breakfast “Tonic” That Helps Burn Calories. The results were amazing! Watch this video to the end to understand what I am saying.

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