10 Astonishing Photos That Display the Ignorance of People About Growing Food

Let us talk about veggies and fruits. We all love them and love adding them to almost all foods, but, it is surprising to know that you also could not have an idea about how some of these are growing, right? We pay the money and get them in the supermarkets, but do we know the growth process? Now we will find out together.


Cocoa is from beans and you surely know this. But, did you get a chance to see the actual pods of the beans? See them and how weird the plant looks! The pods are so gigantic even surreal.


You adore almonds and we know it because everyone loves this luxury snack. We make all things from almonds too, at least good and yummy desserts. They grow like nuts on trees with pretty flowers, but when the flower is changed into a pod, in the pod we can find the almonds! See the picture as proof.


Cinnamon is a yummy and sweetly scented spice and very popular too. Everyone knows about it, but, did you know cinnamon is just dry tree cinnamon bark?!


Pineapple – the heavenly tropical sweet and delicious watery fruit! The bush where this fruit grows is actually very very pointy and full of spikes! The fruit itself will create its own center just in the very center middle of such bushes!

Brussel sprouts

Thi veggie that looks like small green cabbage is my favorite, but I do not know how it grows. This picture proved that these green delights grow like in a cluster, a big one too! They’re cute, especially like this!


Peanuts are an all-time favorite snack for almost anything we snake along or drink too. It is even most used in the USA as well. Think of peanut butter for example. Well, peanuts grow under gorgeous yellow flowers, as you can see in the picture, and very well hidden too – almost under the ground layer!


The artichoke is the veggie similar to the Brussel sprouts but a bit bigger and more coney-like! You will hate or love them, no third option, but one thing is sure, they are very healthy for you! The purple flowers you see are the ones responsible for the artichokes – they look almost fluffy and like feathers. Delicate and elegant!


The kiwis are another fruit that is grown on vines, but these vines hang and use gravity! First, they start off as flowers, but later they become delicious fruits!


The capers are very much like grapes, and also growing on vines, but, the caper is preceded by another form – white lovely flowers.

Vanilla beans

The vanilla is an aroma we all love to smell, it is sweet, sensual, tasty – all in one! This spice starts like a flower, but after this, it is turned into a pod! This pod is not like cocoa pods at all but instead is slim and elongated.

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