6 Incredible Benefits of Eating Peanut Butter Every Day

The most popular nut spread that will certainly bring a positive change in your diet is peanut butter. It is made out of dried and roasted peanuts and is regularly included in the group of healthy foods. It is full of nutrients that are useful for your health as long as you enjoy it in moderation. It also has a vast array of health benefits that you may never knew of!

1. Reduces the Risk of Premature Death

Studies have shown that daily servings of peanuts are effective in reducing the risk of numerous causes of death, especially cardiovascular mortality. They contain polyunsaturated fats rich in antioxidants that are beneficial to cardiovascular health. These compounds can also reduce high blood pressure and normalize it.

2. Improves Muscle and Nerve Health

Magnesium is an essential nutrient that regulates hundreds of chemical reactions in the body, peanut butter being a worthy source of it. It contains about 12% magnesium of the recommended daily intake. That means only 2 tablespoons of this delicious butter can improve your health. It can help you in maintaining a healthy nervous system, strong bones and teeth, normal body temperature, and high energy levels. Besides, peanut butter can also improve your serotonin levels which will lead to better sleep.

3. Boosts Energy Levels

Peanut butter is one of those snacks that can boost your energy since it’s a great protein alternative. Those proteins and fibers are not only an awesome energy source, but they also help in balancing your blood sugar levels.

4. Normalizes Stress Levels

Studies have shown that foods rich in fats such as peanut butter contain beta-sitosterol that may help lower cortisol levels, the hormone released when you are under stress. Sometimes you may instinctively feel the urge to grab a snack high in fats for the body to normalize those cortisol levels. In those cases, peanut butter would be the right choice. Its high levels of healthy saturated fat that are also beneficial for enhancing the immune system.

5. Fights Obesity

Although peanut butter is high in fat, containing even 100 calories in one tablespoon, studies have shown that it may also help you in reducing weight. Food that contains high levels of saturated fats, like the ones that are found in peanuts, may help people reduce weight and also prevent heart disease. It also contains genistein, an ingredient that helps the body in reducing stored fat.

6. Improves Brain Health

Peanuts may be beneficial for your brain health because of vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, and niacin it contains. They can also improve your memory and cognitive abilities, which is excellent for older people. Some researches show that it even helps in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. So, it doesn’t only make you more intelligent, but it also protects your brain in the long term. And it is an awesome snack for your grandparents!

However, it’s important to avoid those peanut butter brands that have added sugar and other preservatives that may not be good for your health. So the next time you hit the store, make sure to get that peanut butter that contains 100% peanut.

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