7 Important Symbolisms That Mean the Deceased Loved One’s Spirit Is Nearby and Needs to Tell You Things

One of the most painful life experiences is losing a loved one to death. After a time we learn to live with this pain and continue on, but sudden shock and disappearing is the thing that hurts to pieces. This is never without pain and sorrow. Sadly, some people do not even have a goodbye chance with loved ones to tell them of the love they felt. Words will be not said in time, travels will be canceled immediately, wishes will never come true again because a loved one is gone. One segment of the grief is a mystery that might arrive just when we have the urge and wish to see or talk to those loved ones. Even just once. This also might be one valid reason that maybe just maybe deceased ones come back to us in other forms to tell us something. Some even believe that following death, a ghost of the loved one may come back. The spirit of humans is not an uncommon belief in religion. You may want to believe this or not, and there is no explanation, but something like this exists. No need to be a palm reader or crystal ball reader to believe in this, it is just noticed and felt through signs.

Seeing them in dreams

Dreams with the loved deceased people are natural and part of the grief too, there are simply a lot of memories to just forget. Try to recall the dream and even if you recall just a fraction, when you wake up write down all you recall – this is some message from the loved one. All details matter, so write down ALL things you can. Experts say, and psychics too that such communication with the dead people is out of body phenomenon and it is similar to deep meditation or deep sleep cycles. A ghost in your dreams could mean you need to fulfill something unfinished, and it could even be a real ghost in the dream saying this to you! It may be vivid, do not be scared, but it is the radiance of the loved one. Also, this could be a lucid dream too, and you are aware but not fully awake.

Strange things happen

Did you just relax at home and something startled you? Like maybe some movements where there should be none or no objects next to the movement? This is a ghost visiting you. Try to place the thing or object back into place. If it moves again strangely, it is a ghost doing this. Also, mysterious things like phone ringing at strange hours and nobody on the other side blinking lights, or pets behaving strangely is also ghost visiting sign. These are messages from the beyond, so please focus the attention there.


These things are also normal during grieving, but they can be very disturbing and shocking to the carrier and even considered a mental illness. But, if you see some things and nobody else does, it could be the loved one telling you something. Do not be afraid and know this is all going to pass no matter how scary it is right now. Close your eyes and breathe deep. Recall what you saw. Did it have sounds or shapes? Colors or smells? Was it a touch or breeze? Open your eyes now and say the name of the loved one very loud and clear. Ghosts can hear voices and recognize that you notice them. Some people even get visited by ghosts through their voices!

Incoherent and spontaneous thoughts

When you cannot keep a thought and they move from one to another, then to the loved people then back again to something else, like someone controls your mind – it is a sign of the deceased one’s ghost. They need to tell you something. Stop for a second, breathe deep, collect the thoughts the best you can, and you could decipher the message they need to tell you. The mere thing of you thinking about the loved one is a sign enough, to begin with. Absorb the thoughts, and embrace the memory of the person. Feel the emotions along too.

Reminders of the physical world

Have you seen some object disappear and you swore it was there or suddenly it appears out of nowhere? If this object was also linked to the loved ones, this sign cannot be more lear. Did this object mean a lot to you and the person? Then it is very important in the messages you receive now and it is not random at all. They need communication and they use such objects too, to make it easy for you to notice.

Synchronizing and coincidence occurring

It is ok to feel fear if you notice a sign from a dead loved one. They still love you and their soul still is with you, even in these new forms. Try to reply with care and love and not fear. Open your mind to the interpretation, this is not a stranger, but someone you love deeply. Yes, skepticism is expected, even after real communication with the spirits, as people have claimed. You can always ask for help and guidance from psychics and mediums to help you talk to your loved ones.

Types of sensations

Some sensations that you feel on the body all are also clear signs. You ay shiver, tremble, and there is no cold or wind near you. Or you may feel some scent, mostly pleasant that is fully the scent a loved one cherished and was known for. They are here and they love you. Know this and appreciate it.

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