9 Signs That You Might Be Sapiosexual

When you think about what attracts you when you think about someone, what is the first thing that comes to mind? While some people have their minds set on physical features, others think of something else entirely. 

These kinds of people are attracted more to the mind rather than the physical appearance of someone. The intelligence someone has is the main point of a sexual and emotional connection for them and they are known as Sapiosexuals.

Here are the 9 most telling signs you are a true sapiosexual:

1. You love meaningful conversations

Remember those moments when someone shared with you their inner thoughts and desires? Or when you stayed up all night discussing religion, politics, and philosophy? If it didn’t only make you admire them, but also made you deeply attracted to them, then this is a good sign that you are a sapiosexual.

2. You value intellect over appearance

The first thing you notice in someone is their looks, but outward attractiveness is not something you put an emphasis on. You are easily bored if all they have is a beautiful face. What you are looking instead for is someone with a beautiful mind. If they cannot hold a meaningful conversation, you find yourself losing interest quickly.

3. You don’t believe in love at first sight

Falling in love at first sight is not something that comes easily to you. You can’t imagine catching feelings only for someone’s physical appearance. First, you need to learn how they think and what makes them tick before you develop any feelings for them. 

4. Material things mean nothing to you

People’s financial status doesn’t concern or fascinate you. As a sapiosexual, what arouses you is when you are learn about their mind and soul. You are certainly more interested in a person that enjoys engaging in a witty conversation rather than someone that is preoccupied with money. 

5. You crave new knowledge

You aspire to anything that expands your mind and widens your horizons. That’s why you seek out people who dedicate their time and energy into their self-growth and who enjoy educating themselves on new topics. The perfect person for you should love to engage in deep and intellectual conversations. 

6. You appreciate emotional intelligence

Intelligence alone is not something that attracts you. Emotional intelligence is equally important for you. If they are not empathetic and compassionate, they will have a hard time understanding your thoughts and feelings. Emotional intelligence allows you to develop meaningful relationships, and that’s certainly something you look for.

7. You take your time to get to know people

You are slow and steady in getting to know someone because you first need to dig into who the person truly is. Before you open up to someone, you need to learn how their mind works and whether you are intellectually on the same level.

8. You are picky about your partners

Your family and friends might find it odd that it takes time for you to settle down. But, because you are a deep and sensitive soul, you take it slow until you get to know the person on a deeper level. Once you are sure that both of you are intellectually similar, you are ready to dive into it.

 9. You are an incredible listener

What stimulates you is the way others think. You find it alluring when you listen to someone talking about the meaning of life. Seeing someone passionately discussing exciting topics gets you so caught up that you might even wonder why you are wired this way.

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