The Most Challenging Eye Test – Can You Complete it?

People`s observation skills help them to remember things that they have visually seen. There are numerous brain challenges, such as optical illusions, which help you improve your observational skills.  

Take a close look at the pictures below and discover your observational skills.  

Take a look at the picture below and try to find the “5” in 30 seconds. Do the test without any mistakes.  

  • Find the “5” in 30 seconds 

  • Find the “5” in 30 seconds 

Did you manage to find it? Doing the test in half a minute means that you have great mental and observational skills.  

How to improve your observational skills – Activities for strengthening your observational skills 

Issues with visual literacy can be solved by doing some observational activities that can direct you through this visual lifestyle. There are a lot of things that can help you enhance your observational skills, including:  

Seasonal observation activities 

  • The Maypole celebration on the 1st of January 
  • Candlemas on 2nd of February 
  • The lantern walk-in on the 11th of November 
  • The journey through Advent on the 25th of November

Nature as an observational activity 

Recent studies have confirmed that nature can help enhance your observational skills. Therefore, try to improve them by focusing on animal tracks, insects, leaf shapes and colors, etc. 

Children`s sensory observations 

This is of great importance for children who understand the world through sensory skills. Children can be encouraged to improve these skills by looking at the sky, and focusing on tree or leaf shapes, and looking for baby animals and insects. In this way, they will be able to enhance and master their observational and sensory skills. 

When your children grow up, you can challenge them to detect the ”5” in half a minute or less.  

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