Dear Ex, You Made Me Understand That I Deserve Better

At some point in our lives, we are going to cross paths with people who will teach us valuable lessons. At first, these lessons will seem like bad mistakes, but if we keep a positive attitude, they would be lessons well-learned. These people come into our lives to teach us that we deserve better and to make us promise that we’d never settle for less.

When you get out of a toxic relationship and free yourself from somebody`s controlling behavior, you can finally reawaken your inner self. Instead of settling for the first guy that would come along, use the time to enjoy in yourself and your freedom.

Instead of feeling bad that you are single now, think about that you would have to put up with somebody`s controlling and narcissistic nature if you have not made the decision to leave. You should be proud of yourself for getting out of a toxic relationship that was not going anywhere.

As soon as you let go of the pain that somebody caused you, it is time to think about yourself and the things that you can do now when you are on your own. Although it is going to be difficult in the beginning, you can start working on your self-improvement and self-rediscovery bit by bit. Once the initial shock passes, you will want to thank the person who made you understand what you were missing in life. The one who made you realize that you deserve much better.

Thanks to your ex, you can now chase you dreams and make them come true. You had the courage to say goodbye and set out on your new journey. It requires a lot of decisiveness and strength and you have to be proud of yourself. Take your time to heal and do not let yourself down for being single. Be grateful for the opportunity to rebuild your life and enjoy in the things that you have missed out.

It is high time to start building a healthy relationship for yourself. Loving yourself is the first thing to overcome the emotional trauma and to improve your self-growth, both personally and professionally.

Say “Thank you” To Your Ex

Be grateful to your ex for making you realize what you have been missing out. Even though they made you feel bad, now you will never let anyone to bring you down and prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.

Be grateful to your ex for making you the strong person that you are now. Thanks to your ex, you avoided making the biggest mistake in your life.

Dear Ex,

Thank you for making me realize that I deserve better. Our relationship was one of the worst experiences in my life, but it made me who I am now. Only God knows how strong I am. I know myself. I am on the right path now. I will never let anybody treat me like the way you did. I managed to push my way through the all gaslighting, manipulations and conflicts, and I have become a better person, more empathetic, more loving, more compassionate.

Now, I am happier that I have ever been, because you did not break me. You did not manage to snap me. Thank you for all the memories. They might not be beautiful ones, but they have taught me a lot. I do not regret our relationship. I do not regret being with you. In fact, I am very grateful for it, because you opened my eyes and made me realize that I am worthy of love. You helped me realize that I deserve much better. And I thank you for that.


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