The Science of Attraction: 6 Characteristics Men Can’t Help Falling For

Even though people have different preferences and likes, there are a few personal characteristics that men expect to find in women. Nearly all men look for a woman who is: 

1. Independent  

Men love independent women. Studies confirmed that men considered that confidence and independence are more attractive in women than nudity. Men want women who are independent in terms of profession, interests, and hobbies.  

2. Smart 

Men love smart women. They think that women’s intelligence is sexier than their outfit. They look for a woman who is educated, who thinks and talks smartly. Men feel proud of having a smart woman in front of them and their family and friends.  

3. Humorous 

Men love women who have a sense of humor. They do not like serious and boring women. After a day, men want to sit and calm down with their gentler half and have a good time.  

4. Honest 

Men love honest women. According to them, trust is very important in a relationship. They look for a woman who knows what she wants and who says it honestly. When they find such a woman, they want to marry her.  

5. Supportive 

Men want a woman who will support them in their decisions. They want to find a woman who will support them when they are not feeling well, when they are buying a car, etc.  

6. Up for action 

This a personal characteristic that most men look to find in women. They love women who are not afraid to take action

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