A 4-year-old Girl Sings “You Are My Sunshine” To Dying Best Friend Cat

A few months ago, It was time for Abby Merryn, a 4-year-old girl, to say goodbye to Bailey, her cat. Even though she was very young, she understood that her cat was passing away.  

Bailey loved the moments when Abby read stories and sang songs to him. He felt Abby`s love.  

Singing goodbye 

At the age of 14, Bailey`s kidneys stopped working properly and the family knew that he would soon leave them. In his final moments, when Bailey was passing away, Abby took him in her hands and sang “You Are My Sunshine” to him. A few hours later, the cat died. The family was heartbroken. 

Erin Merryn, Abby`s mother, recorded this heart-warming moment and shared it on social media. She said that Bailey was one in a million. He allowed her daughters to feed him, give him baths, dress him up, rock him in a cradle, and sleep with them. He was not an ordinary cat – he was truly a special cat that left heart marks on their souls. Even though he died, he was still with them in their hearts.  

Love from the world 

When Bailey passed away, people from all over the world shared condolence and wished them all the best. Beyond the borders of the United States, sympathy and love poured from Italy, Sweden, France, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Argentina, etc.

Some of their fans sent them plush orange toys for the children.  

Even though Bailey is gone, his memory lives on in the heart of his family. Erin and her daughter are constantly sharing their memories on Bailey`s Instagram account.  

Recently, they have adopted a new cat and named it Carrot. He loves playing with Abby.  

Take a look at the heart-warming footage of Bailey`s final moments below.  

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