Very Few Can Pass This Test: Which Woman is Pregnant?

Are you good at noticing the small things? Are you a person who tries to find the logic behind everything? We have a puzzle for you that will stretch your brain and will keep you guessing for hours after that!

This test can be solved by very few people who are good at noticing the hidden details. It will require concentration, attention to detail and observation.

So, are you up for this test?! Let’s challenge our brains a bit. Your task here is to find out which woman is expecting a baby. Take a look at the picture and analyze the differences all the women have. According to your logic, which of the women is pregnant and why do you think so? The correct answer may not be exactly what you thought!

Did you manage to find the pregnant woman? What is the reasoning behind your conclusion? Check below to see if your answer is the correct one.

The right answer to the question is that the woman with number 2 is the pregnant one. Can you see the logic behind the correct answer? Write to us what you think about this test and share it with your family and friends. They will also enjoy this challenge!



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