Meet Yoda, A Rare Cat With Four Ears

All family cats have a story. In this article, we are going to talk about Yoda, a two-year old cat that was born with four ears. That’s right – Yoda was born with two extra ears, which are placed behind her real ones.

The fact that Yoda has two pairs of ears does not mean that she can hear twice as well as normal cats. According to experts, Yoda`s condition is believed to be a result of a genetic mutation that does not affect his hearing at all.

While Ted and Valerie Rock were at a Chicago pub with a group of friends, they noticed that many people were approaching a small cage on the bar. Everybody looked at the cage with great curiosity. There was a kitten inside the cage. It was probably the last remaining from a litter and had to find a home.

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Ted and Valerie owned a cat, which had died recently. They have never thought of adopting a new one. However, some things are meant to happen. Yoda crawled into the cook of Ted`s neck and fell asleep on his shoulder. The cat has already found his parents and his home.

Ted and Valerie took him home and gave him the name Yoda. He was named after the legendary Jedi from Star Wars – the two bear an uncanny resemblance. After they had completed the adoption process, they took Yoda to the vet to check his condition.

The two extra flaps behind his ears astonished the vet. He could not believe his eyes. Four-eared cats are rare, but they are not unheard of. The vet searched the internet and found one in an animal shelter in Germany. When Ted and Valerie realized how special their cat was, they decided to keep him at home in order to prevent catnapping. Yoda has a chip installed in case he gets lost.

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Ted and Valerie said that Yoda is like other cats. He is a loving and curious cat. He is not afraid of anything, and unlike other cats, he is very sociable. However, he has one distinctive characteristic – Yoda is obsessed with bread. Also, his purring is not audible.

You have to put your finger on his throat to feel the purring vibration. Moreover, Valerie said that people do a double take when they see Yoda and she is having a lot of fun showing him off.

Take a look at the Yoda`s amazing story at the video below.

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