Two Furry Raccoons Broke Into A Bank And Stole A Tin Of Almond Cookies

A pair of young raccoons recently broke in a bank in Redwood City in California and stole a tin of almond cookies. While using an ATM machine, a bank customer encountered them in the break room eating cookies. Namely, the customer noticed the two flurry raccoons in one of the branches of the Peninsula bank while withdrawing money from the ATM machine.  

When the customer realized that they were raccoons, he immediately informed the bank officials. By the time the animal rescue team from the Peninsula Humane Society arrived, the two raccoons had already made a mess. Paper documents had been thrown all over the floor, trash bags had been turned over and even one computer monitor had been destroyed. Then, they had entered into the breaking room, where they found a tin of almond cookies.  

The Peninsula Humane Society rescue team chased the two raccoons around the office for more than 10 minutes, before shooting them. They did not want to leave the bank. Finally, the team released back the pair of raccoons outside unharmed and safe.  

Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA

How did the pair of raccoons manage the enter into the bank?  

After the team examined the branch of the bank, the found out that large pieces of the bank`s ceiling were missing. As they discovered moody paw prints on the tree in front of the bank, they suspected that the raccoons had climbed up the tree to the bank`s roof. Then, the raccoons crawled into the air ducts and entered into the bank through the ceiling tiles.  

Buffy Martin Tarbox, the manager of the Peninsula Humane Society said that animal organizations are not called every day to deal with bank break-ins, but as these robbers were wild animals, they needed appropriate response. Fortunately, he added that the raccoons were not harmed and to their knowledge they left without taking money.  

Peninsula Humane Society/SPCA

Raccoons are commonly seen on human territory 

This is not the first time that raccoons have been seen on human territory. They have been found to rummage through trash bins, to consume people`s products in their gardens or even to enter into their open garages or attics. You can notice them at night, when they are mostly active.  

According to the wildlife officials, people should avoid approaching raccoons on their own. Even though they appear small and cuddly, they may become violent when approached by humans. In addition, it is considered that they carry leptospirosis, rabies and other diseases.

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