Psychological Reasons Why Toxic People Never Apologize

Chances are you have met a toxic person in your life, and you had a difficult time dealing with them. They acted like they are the best friend, partner, coworker you could ever have, but the truth is, they had other hidden motives. You probably still remember how they made you feel with their sneaky ways. And the thing is, these people never apologize or admit their mistakes. Actually, they will make you to apologize to them for exposing their true colors.

So what exactly makes a person toxic?

To stop falling into the hands of toxic people, first, you need to be able to spot them and their harmful behavior. They look like everyone else, although there is a good chance that they will act as though they are better than the others.

Their charm and persuasiveness will make you believe they are one of the best people you ever met because of their acting and manipulating skills. However, there is something suspicious about them that drains you, and you just can’t pinpoint what that is.

They will be covertly abusive with you, but you might not stand up for yourself in order not to ruffle any feathers. If they ask you constantly for favors, you will justify them because they will make you feel sorry for them. Soon enough, you will start being dependent on their company. They will have control over you by making you second-guess yourself and doubt your perceptions. Until you grow tired of adjusting yourself in order to please them and you call them out on their behavior.

Don’t be the one to apologize

They are perfect and never did anything wrong. They might even cry for telling them how you feel about the situation and for being honest. If you start feeling guilty for anything you said, stop right there. Don’t start feeling sorry for them or give them an apology. The crocodile tears and the lies they will tell it’s only one of their manipulation tactics. You exposed who they really are and they were not expecting this.

They thought they could get away with their behavior and do whatever they wish only because they thought you will never figure things out. Now they will do anything to hide their true motives.

All they have is excuses

These people are simply not mature enough to look into their faults and admit them. And the truth is, if someone is not capable of being honest with themselves, don’t expect them to be honest with you either. They don’t believe they made a mistake and did something wrong.

Even if they are aware of what they did, they will make all kinds of excuses to cover up for the things they did. Most probably they will assign the blame to you. They will make themselves as innocent as possible, while you will turn out to be the bad one. Their lack of empathy and total disregard of other people’s feelings is their main trait. All they will think about is how you hurt their feelings by calling them out on their behavior and drawing the line.

Distance yourself

Reasoning with toxic people is impossible because they will do anything to turn things around and make you feel like the guilty one. You might even regret calling them up on the mistakes they made because it was simply worthless. Maybe you think you could have simply walked away and moved on instead of talking to them about the matter. Because sometimes your inner peace is more important than reasoning with these kinds of people.

The best you can do in this situation is to distance yourself and stop them from taking advantage of you. Don’t let their toxicity drain you. Set up your boundaries and protect yourself emotionally, even if it means cutting off all contact with them. You don’t need their apology. In your heart you know what the truth is, and that should be enough. Move on with your life and forget about them.

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