Some Basic Good Behavior Etiquette Rules That Are a Must-Have in Life

All manners and behaviors are just our culture and the etiquette is simply good behavior for social rules and acceptance. Every person needs to know how to behave well and thus by that represent his upbringing and culture but often people do not know or forget these good rules, and it is more than welcome to remind ourselves of what the good rules are. Even though good rules differ worldwide, it is good to know what they are.

Does not matter where you live or similar, it matters that you behave well and socially acceptable. Sometimes you think you behave all well when in fact you just might make mistakes.

Public place behavior

These people always appear early, on time, or late.

If you are late and always do this, it is unpleasant because you will for example enter a cinema and make seated people get up so that you will enter and find your seat. Still ok, and if this is the case, at least face the people as you squeeze in, do not turn your back to them.

If you are early to places like this, do not keep on sitting and instead make it more comfortable for everyone by standing up. If you sit, do not cross your legs. Behave appropriately when people look for the seat.

If you text on the phone or talk on it, it is rude. And this is especially rude in places like cinemas or public places with people, such as concerts too. The events are for enjoying culture, not texting someone and phone beeps!

Proper dressing/clothes

The casual: this is anything sporty, a simple t-shirt, jeans and blouse or similar and it depends if you are hot or cold at the moment. But it is always good to ask what others are wearing before an event or ask for the dress code. Feel comfortable but also be polite.

A casual Friday dress code: this is when firms and companies mark one casual day to rest from all the official clothes wearing, but this does not mean dress like for a night out in a bar or some picnic. It just means no suit or tie, or professional look clothes. You can choose jeans instead of a long skirt, regular blouse and not a buttoned shirt, no heels and just sneakers, or similar. Be tidy, clean, and do not show skin to be rude. It is still a working day!

Business casual: be neat and look good, do not choose baggy clothes or too tight ones and be stylish above all. This means something that is similar to a dress code, but a tad more casual.

Formal business dress code: this should leave the impression of high standards and is usually a dark color suit, formal shoes, blazer skirt or similar. This is pretty universal and you cannot make a mistake here. Stick to what you know here and leave new things for another occasion. You have to feel comfy and look professional.


If you wait in line or are in stores, banks, public places, do not speak on the phone or just stare at someone. If the seller talks to you, address him and not the phone. Nobody wants to hear your phone convos, not the cashier, not the people in line.

Leave pets for pet-friendly places and not every single place you go. Pets are not as happy as us to go shopping and they are not even allowed everywhere. People could be scared too.

This is the same rule for pets when you are visiting someone, and in this case, just ask the owners if you can bring your own pet to their home. It will save everyone some trouble.

Gym behavior

If you always have group class in the gym or similar workout places, and you see something is taken or busy, it does not mean you need to insist on your place. If you were late this is your fault and nobody else’s.  If you are late like this, apologize, do not disturb the class and continue the workout.

When you are done with the weights, bring them back to where they were. Same weight goes to the same spot it was placed at.

If sweat is behind you on your seat or equipment, use a towel to wipe it off before another person uses it. Nobody wants another person to sweat in its place.

Restaurant manners

If you are eating lunch out somewhere, pub, restaurant, similar, and there are handkerchiefs, just stand up, put the napkin down on the chair, and do not leave it on the table if it previously was on your blouse or on the lap.

When done with the meal, you may place it sideways on the table, but never on the plate.

If you go to someone’s home, and there are foods you have allergies from, it can be bad for you but all you need to do is let the host know in advance, to avoid feeling bad for making the host feel ashamed.

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