10 Warning Signs of Kidney Disease You Should Not Ignore

In modern times and our society, cancer is still the most fatal disease. It kills many people every month, every year, but another issue also kills people, slowly over time, and maybe more than breast and prostate cancer together. This is a kidney malfunction.

The National Institute of Health provided data that shows how more than 660.000 people have these malfunctions and kidney failure too. This is most of the time a result of diabetes and hypertension, so it is very serious and fatal! When kidneys work bad or stop working, it means all toxins are going to our tissues and this kills over time!

Kidneys are among the vital organs of the internal systems, they clean the blood from toxins and also keep us healthy all the time. We overlook them and their importance, but this is the worst mistake we can make.

Are kidneys that crucial?

Yes! A lot! They are a major role in our life and health, especially for internal cleansing. They make red blood cells, and also keep our bones strong. They balance the electrolytes in our system when we hydrate or dehydrate, they stop toxins from harming us and regulate some hormones in the blood.

These organs are vital for life. The kidneys are the main urinary tract organs hand in hand with the bladder, urethra too. This whole system removes toxins via the urine, balances our pH levels, and makes electrolytes stable and leveled.

The most frequent and common risk factors and problems

1. Kidney stones formations

Stones form when the urine is very high in crystals that have not managed to be filtered out. The most common are calcium oxalate stones.

2. Infections

Such infections are the result of excess bacteria in the bladder and urethra that go to the kidneys too. This is very bad and harmful.

3. Certain injuries

Kidney failure and illness can be the result of some trauma or injury to the kidney area.

4. Cysts formations

The sacs or cysts of kidneys can grow and form right over the kidneys, and most such are not cancer but are a problem.

When we discuss [ossible risk factors, some stats say not all people are at the same risk for kidney problems. Most at risk are drinkers, smokers, drug abusers, and people with chronic medical issues. Also, other factors are age, family history and genes, gender, and similar.

Frequently seen kidney problems and signs of issues

1. Tiredness

This is an innocent but also dangerous subtle sign. It means red blood cells tire our muscles out and mess up the kidney work!

2. Foggy brain

Another innocent but dangerous sign is the foggy brain and no focus to think. This means a lot of toxins overload the kidneys and even cause their failure

3. Short breaths

When we are anemic and have weak blood, lack of oxygen occurs for the organs and we breathe worse. This is another kidney issue signal.

4. Feeling itchy

If the skin itches for no reason, in a lot of places, or often, it means the kidneys are starting to fail. They can no longer remove toxins and bad materials, so they start to attack our skin as well.

5. Vomiting and unpleasantness in the gut

Kidney problems can mess up the gut and make us vomit more for no reason. The upset gut is a clear sign of kidney failure or kidney disease, as patients claimed.

6. Taste of metal in the mouth

Do you feel something iron-like in the mouth? A taste of metal? It means many toxins are in the system and cannot be excreted out.

7. Urine changes

If the urine changes, this is a no-brainer – kidneys are not ok! Pay focus to the color, smell, consistency, texture, how often you urinate too.

8. Sleep issues

Insomnia is not uncommon for kidney red flag issues, and if this happens it can also mean pay attention to kidney health.

9. Cramping of muscles

If your electrolytes are not balanced out, it means the muscles will twitch and cramp a lot and too often even without workout straining and tension.

10. No appetite

When you feel no hunger, and also have a metallic taste in your mouth, appetite starts to fail even more.

Tips to keep kidneys healthy

Since kidneys are too vital for us, we must keep them healthy at all times. To do this, change the diet and have healthier foods, stop drinking alcohol, stop smoking, and stop substance abuse too! Workout more and things will improve along with all else.

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