Psychology Says The Firstborn Children Are Born Leaders

The birth order is very important in a family. The oldest child is usually more spoiled and cuddled than the rest of the children. When people become parents for the first time, they spend more time and money since the role of a parent is very new to them.

When the second child comes, parents usually feel more relaxed as they already have the knowledge and experience required.  The middle child rarely gets a lot of time and attention. By the time the last sibling arrives, parents loosen their rules in child-rearing.

The firstborn child is a natural leader

The oldest child has much potential for leading others due to the way they are raised. Psychologists have studied birth order and how it influences personality. Research showed that firstborn children are bossy due to their dominance, responsibility, good organizational skills, and ambition. They tend to be more mature and disciplined.

Parents often have high expectations from their firstborn children. That is why these children crave to be successful and have a strong sense of responsibility. These high demands shape these kids into leadership.

One study from the University of Texas-Austin found that firstborn children are 30% more likely to launch a company or become politicians. They are also persistent, outgoing, and ambitious by nature. Studies also proved that these children are responsible regardless of the difficulty, take the initiative, and have higher IQ.

The effect of positive affirmations

It is noted that parents devote more time and energy to the firstborns, so they tend to speak more positive things over them. The bigger amount of positivity these kids receive makes the difference. Parents usually say to the oldest child that he or she is going to reach his or her goals, that is going to do great things in life, and that is very capable.

Speaking these things to your child every day can have a tremendous positive impact on their life.

Time spent with your kids influences their personality

Children of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth has conducted a study that wanted to examine the influence of the family order on children’s intelligence. Firstborn children have higher IQs than those born later. The study also uncovered that a mother’s habits during pregnancy also impacts their children’s personality.

Being pregnant for the first time in their life makes them more cautious about their health. They drink vitamins regularly, eat healthier food, and take better care of themselves.

It is no doubt that parents love all of their children equally, but they use different methods and restraints with each one of them. The extra time they spend with their firstborn child allows them to become more successful in life. They take an active approach in their education, teaching them to read and write much earlier in life.

This doesn’t mean that the middle and the last child won’t be successful. It only means that they don’t have the same advantages at birth.

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