Psychology Facts That You Need to Know

Human psychology is an interesting mystery as there are so many things that don’t make sense. Here are 20 of some of the most amazing facts about us:

1. Songs are related to memories

Did you know that your favorite song is not your favorite by coincidence? It reminds you of some emotional event that was important for you.

2. Music has a huge impact on our perception

One study from Groningen University revealed that music has a tremendous influence on the way we perceive everything around us.

3. Spending money makes you feel happier

Many studies show that when you spend money on other people you feel happy and more satisfied with yourself.

4. Making memories makes you happy

Science proves that when you spend money on experiences instead of buying material things, you will be happier.

5. Bad mental state in the world today

Today kids are very strung. Almost half of the population is anxious, depressive, and deals with substance abuse.

6. Faith lessens your stress

It is found that people who pray and meditate are less stressed compared to those who don’t.

7. Money makes you happy

If you are American and want to be happy, then you should have at least 75.000 USD because with this money you can buy everything you need.

8. Happiness is contagious

If you want to be happy all the time, surround yourself with those who are happy. Happiness is contagious.

9. The most stressed period in life is between the age of 18-33

During this period we care a lot about our education, our work, and our family. That is why this is the tensest period in one’s life.

10. Trick your brain

There is a way to trick your brain to believe that you’ve slept enough and this will give you more energy.

11. Dunning Kruger Effect

This effect means that ignorant people start to believe that they’re intelligent and intelligent people begin to think that they don’t know everything.

12. Memories fade over time

When you remember something that happened in the past you are remembering only what you remembered about that the last time. This makes our memories to fade away.

13. Thinking in a foreign language helps you bring rational decisions

One study made by the University of Chicago explains that when people are thinking in a different language than theirs brought more rational decisions because the overall bias was reduced.

14. Sharing your goals reduces the chances for achieving success

Constant talking about your goals will lessen your motivation to do something to achieve them.

15. Chocolate makes you feel happier

Eating chocolate stimulates the release of the same hormone that our brain releases when we are in love. This hormone makes you feel excited and happy.

16. Hugging makes the relationship stronger

When you hug someone you feel more safe, secure, and attached to the person that you are hugging because of the oxytocin, a hormone that is released.

17. When you’re tired you’re more creative

When your brain is tired you are more creative and actually, you can do much more than when you have more energy.

18. Rejection causes pain

Neuroscience shows that when you’re rejected your brain feels pain.

19. Relationships are healthy for you

One study conducted by North Carolina University discovered that having relationships with others can make you healthier than physical activity can do.

20. People who are blind cannot develop schizophrenia

There is no evidence that some blind person ever developed schizophrenia.

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