New Glass-Topped Train Offers Amazing Views of Rocky Mountains from Colorado to Utah

Have you heard about the new glass-domed train that takes riders from Denver in Colorado to the city of Moab in Utah on a two-day amazing adventure? Now you can enjoy watching the unseen Wild West while driving on a glass train.

The new perfect route called “The Rockies to Red Rocks”

The train company Rocky Mountaineer, has been searching for the best possible route that goes through the U.S. part of the Rockies for many years. Although it has three routes by glass trains in Canada, it wanted its passengers to offer the perfect view of this place. Finally, they’ve achieved that.

The new route that this train goes through is called “The Rockies to Red Rocks”. There are many mountains, desert canyons, and red rock formations alongside the Colorado River that you can enjoy watching while traveling on this luxurious train. The panoramic view is fantastic. The red rock formations and the mountain peaks are breathtaking.

Day one

In the first part of the journey, passengers can see the Gross Reservoir Dam, Gore Canyon, and Byers Canyon. They sleep at Glenwood Springs where the first leg of their journey ends.

Day two

In the second part of the journey, passengers can see the Ruby Canyon, Mount Garfield, and the brilliant red color of Moab.

How much it will cost

This route will open in August 2021. If you want to enjoy this trip, then it will altogether cost you $1250 including the hotel, the good food cuisine, and the tour guides that will share many stories.

Part of the money that you will pay for your ticket will be used to conserve the Rocky Mountaineer that won the award “Sustainable Train Journey”. This award was given to them because of planting trees and the preservation of the natural landscapes that are seen along the routes.

So, although this trip may be the most expensive and luxurious vacation you’ve ever had, you will feel good because you support the environment.

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