The Ultimate Monthly Squat Challenge to Tone Your Booty and Lose Weight

When working out, most people focus on areas that are easy to tone. The arms and chest are the first thing they start working on as results are easily visible. Many of the hopelessly end their workout adventures when results can’t be seen. Working out is important, but so is a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Most people don’t pay attention to areas of their body that they can tone in a month, believing it’s not possible. Have you ever heard of squats? While doing them doesn’t provide results right away, stick with squats for a month and you’ll get the butt of your dreams.

What Are Squats?

Squats are a lower-body exercise that works on the butt, thighs, and legs. It’s one of those exercises no one really likes. While it’s mostly recommended for females, men should do it too. They have the power to shape and tone your legs like nothing else. As a matter of fact, many athletes and fitness trainers consider them to be the best lower-body exercise without any equipment involved.

You can do squats everywhere to tone your butt and legs. They’re not just great for your leg muscles. According to experts, they can improve blood circulation, help you get rid of cellulite, and improve your leg flexibility and overall stability. Squats are a fantastic exercise for your core as well, so it makes sense to include them in your workout routine.

And, no, they’re not just for bodybuilders. They are a fantastic solution for lower-body toning for people of all walks of life and age. Of course, you’ll need to do squats the right way or they won’t work. As a matter of fact, doing them the wrong way can lead to injuries.

How to Do Squats Properly?

There are several types of squats available, but we’ll go with the basic one. You can do this anywhere – even at home.

Start by placing your feet at shoulder-width apart firmly on the ground. Make sure your toes are slightly out. Now, hinge your hips down and bend your knees, not your back. It’s just like trying to stand up with your arms in front from the bed from a sitting position. Make sure your knees are firm and they don’t fall inward.

Stop just when your thighs are parallel to the ground, then push your heels down to stand up. Rinse and repeat.

How Many Squats Per Day Should I Do?

That depends on your routine and the level of tone you’re going for. If you’re a beginner, 50 will do nicely. If you’re an expert already, you can go for 100, 150, or more if you can handle it.

Below we have a full squat challenge that will tone your butt and legs in 30 days. The best thing about it is that you can do them anytime and anywhere, so no excuses for missing a day.

Day 1: 50 repetitions

Day 2: 55 repetitions

Day 3: 60 repetitions

Day 4:  Rest

Day 5: 70 repetitions

Day 6: 75 repetitions

Day 7: 80 repetitions

Day 8: Rest

Day 9: 100 repetitions

Day 10: 105 repetitions

Day 11: 110 repetitions

Day 12: Rest

Day 13: 130 repetitions

Day 14: 135 repetitions

Day 15: 140 repetitions

Day 16: Rest

Day 17: 150 repetitions

Day 18: 155 repetitions

Day 19: 160 squats

Day 20: Rest

Day 21: 180 repetitions

Day 22: 185 repetitions

Day 23: 190 repetitions

Day 24: Rest

Day 25: 220 repetitions

Day 26: 225 repetitions

Day 27: 230 repetitions

Day 28: Rest

Day 29: 240 repetitions

Day 30: 250 repetitions


If you do your squats properly, you can expect results at the end of the challenge. Try it – it really works!

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